45% of House Republications have NOT received Covid vaccine, according to CNN and the WaPo


AND, three House members were fined $500 each for not complying with a mask mandate, one of whom is a physician, military retiree and former director of the Iowa Department of Public Health.  Happy to see that other knowledgeable doctors are willing to bare their face in public, knowing the masks do little or nothing to protect us.

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1 year ago

If this does not show beyond a reasonable doubt just how utterly broken, corrupt and criminally insane the nominal leaders in DC are; nothing will.

And the WAPost moron peddling her narrative, as sick and debased.

The nonsense story begins with: [The House of Representatives has become a microcosm of the nation’s mask wars.

Those who need to wear masks aren’t, and those who don’t need to wear them are.]

Mask Wars, eh? I thought it was about public health. And science, and how to actually inform public about what is what — in the public interest?

The value of this story only, is: this explicitly express this was never about public health; never, ever ever. And the "reporter" in their idiotic state of being spills these beans; good morning America.

Propaganda at its best, I reckon. They don't know what science is, are not interested in public health, much less how to wipe their a z z.

Nurse Ratched Would Be Proud of Them!

Heaven Help Us.

A Russian once told me that during the Soviet Era, there was a joke: they pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.

Here, it is: they pretend to be protecting us from harm; and we pretend to believe them.

Sick, sicker, sickest.

Not to be outdone, the Politico slob / aka reporter is reporting on "Among the R’s I’ve spotted refusing to wear a mask thus far"

More than one flew over the coo coo nest.



1 year ago

While Covid-19 is rising somewhat in Japan, it is nothing compared to U.S. — even now (80 deaths per day even now on a 14-day average).

This earlier article is interesting as indicating what MINOR, minor thing it is Japan to wear a mask:


(I seriously doubt social distancing is wider in Japan than the U.S.)

I simply don't understand the anti-mask propaganda here, having been several times to Japan. As far as I know the tiny Covid-19 virus is not alone in the atmosphere but within moisture, smallest or largest, so decent masking should help contrary to this posting. I haven't read anything from an objective source that these viruses float alone all by themselves (let alone widely spread).

I would like this site better if it weren't so one-sided, less political, and more objective.

1 year ago
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