“A kind of authoritarian corporate-government partnership that is accountable only to itself”/ Julius Ruechel

Another classic you should not miss from the brilliant Julius Ruechel.  I excerpted only a bit to give you a sense of what he has taken on.


“…What is emerging as a consequence of your choices is a kind of authoritarian corporate-government partnership that is accountable only to itself, and uses its corporate partners to systematically circumvent constitutional limits (such as encouraging companies to impose vaccine mandates on their employees and customers, and encouraging companies to limit freedom of speech on their platforms in order to suppress the voices of critics in the public forum). Predictably, the love-affair cuts both ways; the corporate side of the partnership is using government as a tool to squeeze rivals out of existence and raid taxpayer coffers on an unprecedented scale. 

Throughout the pandemic, this corporate-government partnership has picked winners and losers by dividing the world into a two-tiered system of rights. It’s a partnership that inevitably always benefits large corporations, who have profited handsomely, while systematically destroying small and medium-sized businesses who don’t have the same cozy political connections and can’t keep pace with the ever-changing regulatory obstacles being put in their path. Government policies during Covid have facilitated the greatest wealth transfer from the poor to the rich in human history. Despite the economic devastation caused by lockdowns, the stock market has doubled in value in under 2 years. For the beneficiaries of this system, it is a veritable bonanza. For everyone else, it is the path of indentured servitude, with no voice to defend themselves, no freedom to manage all the risks and priorities in their lives, and no chance to lift themselves up by their own bootstraps…” 

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Tom Reeves
10 months ago

Thank you Dr for keeping your finger on the pulse of the truth here on planet Earth. By the Grace of God, I know that I’m just passing through. I am proud of you Dear woman, and proud to be a fellow Mainiac. I hope to come up from Florida this summer and perhaps you’d allow me the privilege of taking you out to lunch for a “lobstah roll”🤣

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