Begun in 2007

This website, begun in 2007, pivoted in early 2020 to a deep analysis of all things Covid. I unpack the misinformation and disinformation that are being used to induce fear, anxiety and confusion. Be strong. Clear your mind. We can defend ourselves against this insidious psychological operation with facts and logic, my friends. I hope you find something useful here.

Most-cited papers of mine include one investigating Zimbabwe’s major anthrax epidemic and a review of anthrax vaccine’s usefulness in biological warfare. A November, 2001 Congressional testimony in response to the anthrax letters may also be of interest. Below, I’ve posted photos taken when I’m not at work or in front of the computer. Contact me at merylnass@gmail.com or 207 412-0004 when I’m home.

Ellsworth, Maine, United States

My Curriculum Vitae is here.

Meryl Nass, M.D.

Meryl Nass, M.D.

Why am I blogging?

Because life is meant to be lived! The photos above are of some peak experiences. And the categories contain information about which I am passionate.

Too many peoples’ lives are characterized by lack of authenticity, and fear of acknowledging and expressing their true nature. Employees cannot say what they think at work, and in the corporate system we must squish ourselves into square holes when we are round pegs. We thus lose touch with our souls, becoming cogs in a soulless, profit-driven machine.

The culture of political correctness has meant, in medicine, that we ignore how the foundations of our science are being undermined by commercialism. Clinical data generated or presented by the manufacturers of drugs, vaccines and devices cannot be trusted: there are hundreds of studies proving this. But this fraudulent information continues to be the only data informing the approval of vaccines, drugs and devices.

Unless scrupulous ethical conduct is demanded of physicians and biological scientists, our lack of meaningful standards will carry the medical-pharmaceutical system down the path of increasing irrelevance.

Medicine and its tools need to be affordable. The current medical-industrial milieu, characterized by contempt for science, countless ways for insiders to achieve wealth due to failure of good governance, and regulatory agency-to-industry revolving doors, has ushered in stratospheric pricing… further kicking us down that path to irrelevance.

Why is our new health care plan a giveaway to health industries instead of to health consumers? Why won’t it cover all Americans? Why was the “public option” never an option for the Obama administration? Why did the promised Trump health plan evaporate the moment he was elected?

So many of our leaders carry a heavy burden of mendacity and avarice. If they instead got in touch with their own souls (perhaps by exposure to the natural world), or made their decisions by maximizing the amount of good that results, our leaders might find real meaning and value in their lives.

Until that happens, the only way to straighten out the current mess is to demand accountability and impose penalties on unethical/dishonest leaders. Both political parties enjoy bounteous hors d’oeuvres from Pharma’s table, making it unlikely the existing political “process” will provide relief–as we’ve seen in the demoralizing healthcare reform drama.

Until then, I’ll continue to “call it as I see it” in this blog — working and living the way life should be, in rural Maine, far from the centers of power.