An official Massachusetts deaths database reveals a shift from 2020 respiratory deaths to 2021 cardiovascular deaths/Coquin de Chien

Regular readers of my work know how I have decried the lack of reliable data during the COVID experience.  CDC collects a tremendous amount of information, including all death certificates and all COVID test results that are processed in labs, hospital and outpatient records from many millions of Americans, and much more.  But before we can see any of it, the data get processed in CDC’s magic numbers machine, which always spits out the numbers that match the narrative.  With a $15 billion budget and about 12,000 employees, which includes generous grants to hundreds of health departments, NGOs and its own advisors’ institutions, the magic keeps on coming.  CDC long ago learned to copy the Fauci method:  make everyone you need beholden to you.  It works.

But here and there, individuals have said no.  Enough is enough.  The carnage is too great.  

And so three military doctor whistleblowers released the DMEDD data to the public.

And an employee in Massachusetts’ public health office released the death data file to Coquin de Chien.  The Coquin de Chien (mischievous dog), unlike most of us including myself, knows his way around numbers and ICD-10 codes.

He also has a lot of patience and precision.  I love it when people take a question and then use a variety of approaches to address it to see if they yield the same answer.  Our mischievous dog did so, and the data revealed some interesting things.

First, I have to warn you that it is tough going to get through the analysis.  The Chien kindly walked me through it on zoom, which was a big advantage I have over you.  He suggests skipping to the end if you are not interested in the gory details.

What he found, which only applies to Massachusetts, is that there was a huge wave of deaths during the 2020 spring, paralleling NYC, and there were relatively few deaths due to COVID thereafter.

But while the early deaths occurred mostly in the elderly, later deaths struck younger people.

While the early deaths were respiratory, the later deaths were more likely to be circulatory.

Recall me writing about the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS–I agree it ought to have 2 M’s but it doesn’t) data that FDA posted last JulyFDA found increased heart attacks, pulmonary emboli, disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) and immune thromboytopenic purpura (ITP) cases in the Pfizer vaccinated versus the unvaccinated.  They promised to study this rigorously and get back to us, but it’s now 9 months later and they have not reported back.

The Chien found that all these causes of death increased after the COVID vaccines rolled out.  While COVID deaths dropped from 2020 to 2021, deaths from pulmonary emboli increased by 64% in 2021 compared to 2020.  Below is some of what he had to say:


Three of the four questions posed have been answered:

  1. There is an anomaly in all-cause deaths beyond the obvious 8 to 10-week spring 2020 pandemic. The anomaly lasted nearly all of 2021, but manifests visually only from July 2021 through the end of the year and continues into 2022. The first half of 2021, the anomaly was negated by the lack of 85+yo deaths evident by the vertical light blue stripe on the right of the 2021 heat map

  2. The people affected in 2021 may be considered old, but they are younger on average than in the 2020 C19 pandemic as seen in the vertical pink alley in 2021 heat map.

  3. In order to achieve an all-cause excess mortality of 10% to 20% during 2021, any single or few multiple cause increase would have to be higher in order to affect the all-cause full population denominator. Indeed circulatory system issues are much higher and account for many excess deaths in the order of thousands, but are likely masked by the numerous bleeds and deposits of clots yielding a smattering of different “I” and “D” and “R” codes.

  4. No effort is made in this article to tie the C19 gene modification biological injectable product to a mechanism for the circulatory system deaths. Any doctor, scientist, or pedestrian reader can make that inference from the overwhelming correlative data herein. There are tens of thousands of life years lost in 2021 in excess of what was expected by any mathematical formula. These are not from C19. The math does not work out.


  • In the C19 pandemic year of 2020, Total PE’s were up between 23% and 28% over 2015-2019 mean.

  • In the C19 gene modification year of 2021, Total PE’s were up between 38% and 46% over 2015-2019 mean.

  • Every age group over 24 y/o shows significant excess PE’s in 2021 despite significant excess in 2020 that should have emptied the well, so to speak


  • In the C19 pandemic year of 2020, Total DIC’s were up between 18% and 26% over 2015-2019 mean.

  • In the C19 gene modification year of 2021, Total PE’s were up between 18% and 29% over 2015-2019 mean.


  • In the C19 pandemic year of 2020, total thrombocytopenia involved deaths were up between 12% and 25% over 2015-2019 mean.

  • In the C19 gene modification year of 2021, total thrombocytopenia involved deaths were up between 24% and 43% over 2015-2019 mean.
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7 months ago

"The very enzyme that is associated with increased covid-19 mortality is blocked by an ANTI-VENOM compound"!

Anti-venom compound being studied to help patients with severe covid-19 disease

According to years of biochemical research, a broad-spectrum ANTI-VENOM compound inhibits the very enzyme that is associated with severe covid-19 disease and covid-19 mortality. It turns out that this enzyme (sPLA2) is inhibited by an anti-venom compound called 'varespladib'. Clinical trials show that varespladib is a potent inhibitor of secretory phospholipase A2 (sPLA2). Varespladib has demonstrated improvements in cardiovascular risks, including a reduction in inflammatory C-reactive proteins and a near complete suppression of the target enzyme, sPLA2.

7 months ago

Schwab’s Law Dr Vernon Coleman

Medical Heretics Dr Vernon Coleman

Government Admits that PCR Test is Useless Dr Vernon Coleman

Tom Reeves
7 months ago

Thanks Doc.keep up the great work. Your commitment to exposing these crooks has not gone unnoticed by our Heavenly Father. Praying that the planet will wake up and realizing that it won’t. Also praying that your license to practice will be restored soon as the world needs your expertise desperately 🙏
Love you Dr Meryl Nass, and you’re not an old woman, but you are wise beyond your years❤

Tom Reeves
7 months ago

BTW, I love the posts by anonymous. Would love to know who you are so that I could pray for you by name. For now I will continue to pray for the poster known as Anonymous 🙏❤👆✝️

PJ Fronapfel
PJ Fronapfel
7 months ago

Email me! I’d love to get an update on your PHP/board issues and talk about what Ive experienced

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