Another analysis of how people become convinced of the illogical, and an exploration of how to converse without getting someone’s shackles up/ Tess Lawrie’s Substack

Above is Tess’ interview with David Charalambous, who is essentially a social psychologist.  Below is his presentation for the World Council for Health.

He also gives courses on learning this material–for free!–and you can donate if you are able. Here is his organization’s website.  It is called “Reaching People.”

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Deb Hawthorn
Deb Hawthorn
7 months ago

This is SUCH an important topic, Meryl! Thank you for referring us to Tess’s interview and thence to the work of David Charalambous. I’ve bookmarked his website and will definitely pursue the resources he offers. I hope you’re well, and I’m sincerely grateful for all that you’re doing!

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