Australian Senator Roberts gives a speech about vaccine injuries and failures of vaccine regulation, which is now part of the permanent record of the Parliament.;fileType=application%2Fpdf

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COVID-19: Vaccination

Senator ROBERTS (Queensland) (21:38): As a servant to the people of Queensland and Australia, tonight I’m
speaking on this parliament’s therapeutic response to COVID-19 and the horrific medical harm and loss of life in
that response. Last week, leading Australian parliamentarians came together in an event I organised called COVID
Under Question to present documented evidence and victim testimony proving a catastrophic failure of Australia’s
regulatory framework. COVID vaccine injuries are hidden behind anonymous government data, while supposed
COVID virus harm is splashed across prime time. The very least we can do for the victims of COVID vaccines is
to say their names—victims like Caitlin Georgia Gotze, a healthy and vibrant 23-year-old studying at Griffith
University to become a vet while working as a horse strapper. Caitlin dropped dead at work of a heart attack
following a second Pfizer shot. Her death was recorded as asthma, a condition Caitlin had never had. Reginald
Shearer, a formerly healthy fit and active man, quickly went downhill and passed away from effects that began after
receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine. Daniel Perkins, a 36-year-old healthy father from Albion Park, died of a heart
attack in his sleep following his second Pfizer injection. Douglas James Roberts died after taking AstraZeneca. His
family are concerned that his GP didn’t warn him of the side-effects of the vaccine. In other words, no informed
consent was obtained. Neurosurgeons at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital attributed his death to a stroke,
despite no family history and a clean bill of health. They refused to report his death to the TGA—refused!

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency, AHPRA, has been bullying medical practitioners into not
reporting or even for talking about the harm they’re seeing. The TGA erased 98 per cent of the 800 vaccine deaths—
98 per cent erased!—that physicians reported. The TGA did so without autopsy or suitable consideration of all the
patient medical data. TGA, ATAGI and Ahpra are the three monkeys of the pharmaceutical industry: hear no evil,
see no evil, speak no evil.

Section 22D(2) of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 requires the Secretary of the Department of Health to ensure
the quality, safety and efficacy of the vaccines were satisfactorily established for each cohort for which the provision
of approval is being granted. Data recently revealed in court papers in the United States clearly shows that vaccine
harm was apparent in the clinical trials that Pfizer, BioNTech and others conducted. This information, if ATAGI
had bothered to ask for it, should have resulted in a refusal of the application for provisional use. No data was
provided to the secretary regarding individual test subjects—technically, anonymized patient clinical data. No
independent analysis of the fundamental issues surrounding novel mRNA vaccines was conducted in Australia—
none in Australia! Instead, the secretary took Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna’s word for it.

I will say that again: the secretary took pharmaceutical companies’ word for the safety of their products. These
are the same pharmaceutical companies that have been fined over and over for criminal behaviour. AstraZeneca got
a US$355 million fine for fraud and, separately, a $550 million fine for making unfounded claims about efficacy.
Pfizer got a $430 million fine for making unfounded claims about efficacy, and a $2.3 billion fine—that’s billion
dollars—for making unfounded claims about efficacy and for paying kickbacks.

This is who the Liberal-Nationals, Labor and Greens—our very own pharmaceutical lobby—want to pay more
money to. That’s not on the basis of extensive local testing and inquiry, it’s simply on the basis of taking
pharmaceutical companies’ safety assurances. There’s no testing. It’s an assurance made easy by indemnity against
any damage that the vaccines cause. What deceit! What criminal incompetence! The Labor Party and the Liberal-
National Party have accepted $1 million each from the pharmaceutical establishment in this election cycle alone.
Billions more are being set aside in this week’s budget to pay the pharmaceutical companies to keep the COVID-19
gravy train going. What great value this parliament provides for those electoral donations.

Mention should be made of the TGA’s decision to ban safe, fully approved and widely accepted alternatives to
COVID-19 vaccines. This includes hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin; vitamins, minerals and natural antivirals;
as well as proven messaging around healthy eating and lifestyles. The decision to ban proven, safe, affordable and
accessible alternative treatments that are working around the world was taken to ensure the fastest and widest-
possible adoption of the vaccines. The TGA’s own customers fund the TGA. That means pharmaceutical companies
fund their own product’s approval. That fails the pub test. Where are the checks and balances? There are none.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is culpable in this scandal and cover-up. The Australian Bureau of Statistics’
annual budget is $400 million. The most recent mortality data they provide is from November last year, four months
behind. The most recent breakdown of mortality by cause and age is from 2020. The most recent data on live births

Tuesday, 29 March 2022 SENATE  page 81

is from 2020. Birth data used to be available six weeks after, not 15 months and counting. Are they hiding

At what point do we consider the actions of the TGA, ATAGI and the Australian Bureau of Statistics as
interfering with the operation of the Senate? Peer-reviewed and soon-to-be-published data that must require the
secretary to cancel the provisional approval of the vaccines has been released from outside of the government.

Let me review those quickly so the Senate fully understands the extent to which we have been misled. Firstly,
freedom of information documents indicate the TGA has failed to assess the reproductive toxicology of the COVID
vaccines. Freedom of information documents indicate the TGA has failed to assess the impact of microRNA
sequences and related molecular genetic issues on the human body. Peer-reviewed and published in-vitro research
shows gene based vaccine-generated spike proteins can migrate into human cell nuclei to disrupt DNA repair
mechanisms. The TGA has dealt with this abysmally—murderously?

Vaccine-derived RNA can be reverse transcribed, leading to possible integration into the human genome, which
the TGA denies, based only on pharmaceutical companies telling them to deny it. Internal Pfizer data released in
February indicate they accept 1,272 different adverse vaccine events, including paralysis and death. German and
US insurance actuarial data suggests the TGA’s database of adverse event notifications is underreporting side effects
ninefold. Freedom of information documents from 2018 show the TGA keeps two databases of adverse event
notifications: one internal, showing all reports of harm; and one public, showing only a part of those. This means
vaccine harm is most likely significantly higher than reported.

Without honest and accurate data, the Senate has no way of deciding how much harm is too much harm. German
pathologists describe pathological aggregates of spike proteins and lymphocyte infiltrations in inflamed organs in
autopsies related to death post vaccination. In response, the TGA is failing to conduct autopsies on the 800
Australians the patients’ own doctors have reported as having died from the vaccines. What the hell is the TGA

Whistleblowers to the British Medical Journal provided reports of inadequacies, irregularities and possible
fraudulent practices in the Pfizer vaccine trial—you know, the same trial for which the TGA took Pfizer’s word.
From a modern immunological perspective, two frequent vaccines for respiratory viruses run the risk of
desensitising the immune responses to the virus, and that leads to hypoimmunity and worse illness than without the
immunisation. To put that simply: repeated vaccination is doing more harm than good.

These are the matters I sought today to refer to the Senate Select Committee on COVID-19 without success. I
thank Senators Hanson, Abetz, Rennick and Antic for their support, integrity and courage. The truth is the Select
Committee on COVID-19 has been running a protection racket for the pharmaceutical industry, and today’s vote
proves it. This unprecedented betrayal of the Australian people must be referred immediately to a royal commission.
To the Prime Minister, the health minister, the federal health department and all those in the Senate and the House
of Representatives—all of you who have perpetrated this crime—I direct one question: how the hell do you expect
to get away with it? We’re not going to let you get away with it. We won’t let you get away with it. We are coming
for you. We have the stamina to hound you down and we damn well will.

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