Biden adopts the Trump strategy: Leave it to the States

Biden administration surges resources to states as health-care workers race to keep up

The Biden administration has deployed more than 13,000 National Guard members to 48 states to support vaccinations, testing and clinical care, White House coronavirus response coordinator Jeffrey Zients told reporters Wednesday.

The government has also sent over 2,100 personnel and thousands of ambulances, ventilators and other supplies to roughly 30 states and territories, Zients said. An additional 1,000 military doctors, nurses and emergency medical technicians are ready to help if needed.

In New York, where covid-related hospitalizations have increased by 42 percent in the past week, 60 health-care workers from the Federal Emergency Management Agency arrived with 30 ambulances last week to help bring patients to hospitals and care for them. [But I thought it was the EMTs that were in short supply, not the ambulances?] The federal government also set up nine testing sites in New York City and plans to open three more Sunday, Zients said.

And he said the administration has sent 1 million gloves; 342,000 masks, respirators and face shields; and 40,000 medical gowns to health-care workers in recent weeks. [Sounds like enough to cover the US’ HCWs for an hour or two.]

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1 year ago

If the Bidet team is punting back to the states, could it be they know SCOTUS is going to kick his illegal mandates in the nuts?