Boosters: Creating the appearance of scarcity by having Tedros beg the rich countries not to start boosters while the poor countries still lack first jabs

The NYT even has an online video of “seriously disappointed” Tedros.

But there’s more!  This weekend was all about England vs. Italy.  But today, it’s all about Pfizer vs. Regulators.  Their battle was carried out online, and the NY Times provides the post-game analysis.

Israel even got into the act, starting third doses on the immunocompromised today…no doubt timed by Albert Bourla as another act for today’s 3 ring circus performance.  The Pfizer meeting involved, according to the Times, “virtually every top doctor in the federal government.”

The take-home message, just in case you missed it, is that the careful, scientific US government regulators really care about this decision, and they will protect you from big bad Pharma.  They won’t start those boosters till you REALLY need them.

Ignore those CDC briefers behind the curtain, who asked their advisory committee members on June 23 to approve boosters without any data showing they were needed.

Representatives of Pfizer met privately with senior U.S. scientists and regulators on Monday to press their case for swift authorization of coronavirus booster vaccines, amid growing public confusion about whether they will be needed and pushback from federal health officials who say the extra doses are not necessary now.

The high-level online meeting, which lasted an hour and involved Pfizer’s chief scientific officer briefing virtually every top doctor in the federal government, came on the same day Israel started administering third doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to heart transplant patients and others with compromised immune systems. Officials said after the meeting that more data — and possibly several more months — would be needed before regulators could determine whether booster shots were necessary…

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