CANCELLED: CDC’s Emergency Advisory Committee meeting tomorrow to consider myocarditis and giving Covid vaccines to our youth

CDC’s emergency meeting that was to be held June 18, called only 7 days ago to deal with bad news, was peremptorily cancelled today, at the 11th hour.  In honor of Juneteenth.  Really??? Alex Berenson pointed out the cancellation occurred 2 hours after President Biden signing a bill creating the official holiday.
If the emergency they were responding to was the maiming of our youth with Covid vaccines, CDC could have called a halt to vaccinating that age group while more information was collected.  They did not do that.

I presume CDC’s spin doctors could not come up with a rationale for vaccinating young males for Covid, given the increased myocarditis risk to them (25 times the baseline rate, according to Israel’s Ministry of Health).  Israel claimed the rate was 1/3,000 to 1/6,000 young male vaccine recipients.  Some say, anecdotally, they have seen so many cases they think the rate is higher.

The first way this was spun was that 81% have fully recovered, and CDC is “following” the rest.
That sounded less good when you looked at CDC’s numbers and found they only reported data on a minority of all the cases reported to VAERS (over 800).
It sounded less good when a young woman, aged 19, just died after a heart transplant, necessitated by the myocarditis she got after a Covid 2nd dose.  She was a student at Northwestern, and black.  This does not bode well for mandated college vaccinations.
And now it gets even worse.  Spain and Russia are advising those who were vaccinated to avoid flying due to an increased risk of blood clots.
Guess we will have to wait until CDC’s June 23-25 meeting to find out how the spin doctors explain all this.
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