CDC and NY Times stopped revealing the vaxxed vs. unvaxxed case and death comparisons 6 and 8 weeks ago, when the graphs began to show no benefit from vaccination/ NY Times

The NY Times runs a very detailed website, updated daily, with COVID cases, hospitalizations, tests, deaths, vaccinations.  It is chock full of charts and graphs.  Much of the data is granular down to counties.  Some of it relates to the whole world.  It’s a one-stop shop where you can find data on almost everything COVID-related.

The data come from the CDC. 

But 2 companion graphs stopped–just came to a dead stop–on different weeks in March and April.  The graphs are there, but when you examine them you see that they have not been updated in nearly 2 months.  Yet the page states it was updated May 31, 2022.

What happened?

Here are the title and description of the graphs:

Rates for vaccinated and unvaccinated

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that people who are unvaccinated are at a much greater risk than those who are fully vaccinated to die from Covid-19. These charts compare age-adjusted average daily case and death rates for vaccinated and unvaccinated people inthe states and cities that provide this data

CDC has been consistently reporting that cases and deaths in the unvaccinated were many times higher than in the vaccinated.  CDC has claimed that the death rate from COVID was at least ten times higher if you were not vaccinated.

But then the two lines representing the vaccinated and the unvaccinated started closing in on each other on the CDC/NYT graphs.  Rates of COVID cases and deaths in the vaccinated seemed to be about the same as in the unvaccinated by late March 2022.

Data from England showed that death rates by then had trended higher in the vaccinated.  

Were COVID cases and deaths now higher in the US vaccinated, too?

CDC and the NY Times did something highly unusual.  While everything else on this website is up to date, they simply cut off the 2 graphs below (comparing the vaxxed with the unvaxxed), on different weeks in March and April.  The graphs remain, but the first graph (Daily COVID cases per 100,000) ended the third week of April.  The second graph (Daily COVID deaths per 100,000) stopped abruptly the final week of March.

What is it that we are not allowed to see?

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John Ranger
John Ranger
5 months ago

Would it make sense to assume that even when the sickness/death rates were higher amongst the “unvaccinated” the cause was the lack of ivermectin and other proven meds as banned by the usual suspects?

The chart showing a third line indicating the progress of those who got such medication ( something we’ll never see, apparently) would end the arguments for the shots which by all previous standards don’t qualify as vaccines. The ignorance of such basic logic by many, is stupefying.

5 months ago

Thank you, Dr. Nass

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