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12 years ago

Hello Meryl!
Totally involved in the Flu Vaccinations!
Novartis shipped out Fluvirin on July 29, 2010/ MedImmune shipped out their FLUMIST on July 23.
I wanted to find out what were the INGREDIENTS! What harm did they cause? So MUCH HARM!
But to see the actual Adjuvants in the vaccinations – now that was the real eye-opener! You know all of that, but it was a shocker to me!
Went to: http://www.PreventDisease/VaccinationIngredients. Or go to the main page and click onto "Top Topics" H1N1 Vaccine…it opens up to list of all Companies and the Adjuvants – just click on each one and it explains the side effects. (very scary!)
and to: World Association for Vaccine Education (WAVE). Scientists, PhD Researchers
A real heavy duty one is: Vaccine Education: Here is a list of all of the vaccinations – including military. is good in that they have an actual flier of the major Ingredients in the vacines (adjuvants), plus a CD. But the flier comes in a pad of 50 for only $15.00 – good to pass out!
You are doing realy great in getting out the world! That is fantastic!
Also went to the actual sites for MedImmune and Novartis!
Government: National Library of Medicine: …Type in"Fluarix or Afluria"…their info!
Scroll doen to Sec 11-14: Description and more!
Three of the worst Flu Vaccines are out this year: Afluria (CSL), FLUVIRIN, and AGRIFLU – but you know that. I went to Novartis's site – really scary! Each one has NEOMYCIN SULPHATE. Also there is Beta-propiolactone, Polymyxin B Polysorbate 80 Gentamicin Sulfate..AND MORE!
All together: real killers to the Kidneys, Nervous System, Immune System, and Sterilizes!
Write to me – PLEASE:

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