CDC Says USA Today Will Have to Wait 3 Years to Learn About CDC’s Pathogen Mishandling

From USA Today
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — which has publicly disclosed three serious laboratory accidents during the past year involving Ebola, anthrax and a deadly strain of bird flu — says it will take three more years before it will release copies of all incident reports for the agency’s labs in Atlanta and Fort Collins, Colo…The agency initially said it anticipated responding by June 4
But OTOH, CDC has time to redact a 14 page report, if USAT will accept that instead! 

On May 26, the CDC sent a letter to USA TODAY offering to provide a redacted version of the 14-page lab-incident summary report instead of the full incident reports the newspaper asked for in January. “If you are amenable to accepting these records as a final response please let us know and we will send these records to you immediately… “

For full coverage of USA TODAY’s investigation of safety at high-containment laboratories, go to:

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