CHD published my video podcast with Bobby Kennedy last week. It’s excellent.

When I do an interview I never have any sense of how it went.  I am so focused on trying to get the right words out that I don’t even remember what I talked about when I am done.  

But I just listened to this and I think I did a good job explaining both my case, and the larger issues of the enterprise of medicine. Medicine as an honorable profession, and an institution established solely to benefit patients, is being dismantled in favor of government-enforced treatments, and government-enforced withholding of medical care, and surveillance of medical records. This process desperately need to be understood.  I invite you to watch.

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Tom Reeves
1 year ago

I listened to this 4 times and Bobby can be difficult to listen to because of his speech affliction but he spoke smoothly when he did speak and that encouraged me to think your words had a calming effect for him. You delivered information that we have suspected to be true and I am better informed. I did some video study on the JFK assassination and learned about Secret Service agent George Hickey, full metal jacket ammunition and an AR 15 assault weapon that was in the 1st automobile following the Lincoln Continental convertible that carried Mr and Mrs Kennedy and Governor and Mrs Connolly. We have a wicked federal government and they’ve been LYING to the American people for many decades about Many things.
Please keep being us Truth Dr Nass!
God loves you and so do those of us who want to know TRUTH!!!