Corrupt Government Officials are America’s Biggest Fear/ Chapman University Poll

Government Corruption beats Terrorism and Fears of Economic Collapse by a mile.  Little wonder, with two presidential candidates who each have crooked foundations (used at a minimum for money-laundering and apparent foreign policy ‘quid pro quo’s’ for the Clinton Foundation). Hillary stole White House furniture and gifts when she left in 2000, while Trump used donations to his foundation to get a life-size portrait of himself painted.  Trump used bankruptcies to avoid paying his creditors. Hillary blamed a 12 year old for her own rape, successfully defending the rapist, whom she knew was guilty.

These two low lifes do deserve an award of some kind.  How about:  “The person I would least want to house sit for me”?  Or “the most likely to succeed in covering their own or their spouse’s sexual assaults”?

Maybe “Tops at stealing under the guise of a philanthropic foundation”?

Please, America, give them their awards.  Make them big, shiny, and definitely gold-plated. Then arrest these two clowns for their many crimes, remind them that felons can’t be president or even vote in most places, and let’s reset the election season for 2017.

Or just elect Jill Stein for President, who is running as the Green Party candidate.  She tells the truth, she is smart (degrees from Harvard and Harvard Med School), has absolutely no taint of corruption, says what she means without asking a focus group, and cares about the country and world.  She actually tells you her program, and its a very good one. What a novel candidate.

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