COVID persists, but the COVID vaccine narrative has taken on so much water, the powers that be have stopped bailing, and are going to let these vaccines slowly sink. But what do they have in store for us next?

There has been so much bad news about the vaccines in the last few months, it even leaked into the mainstream media.  I think the cabal’s plan, at least in the US but probably everywhere, is to stop propping the ludicrous vaccine claims up and allow them to die a natural death. I explain why below.

There was just too much bad news, too few getting boosted, too much resistance from parents. Getting 8 or 10 doses into everyone was not going to happen.  The terrified obedient masses were becoming fewer and fewer.

For example, here is one story that got lots of traction:  ABC News covered the fact that “At least 72 COVID cases in the fully vaccinated resulted from the Gridiron dinner.”  Not only did Nancy Pelosi test positive, but several other members of Biden’s Cabinet and many other Washingtonian glitterati did too.  All of whom had to have been vaccinated in order to attend.

Despite the happy talk that the afflicted politicians in DC had only mild COVID cases, it must have been apparent to everyone who walks by a newsstand or turns on the TV that the media are begging much too hard for more shots.

It must be obvious to all that the shots do not prevent spread and therefore there is no logical way you can mandate them.  Because if my shot does not protect you (and only with lots of fairy dust will it protect me) why would you have any interest in whether or not I am vaccinated?

Once you stop caring about my vaccination status, the cabal’s nexus of control starts to fall apart. That was their ace in the hole. Time for them to move on to something else.

There was the NY Department of Health study of vaccine efficacy in children.  After 2 months, efficacy in the 5-11 year olds had fallen to 12%.  In other words, 7 out of 8 vaccinated kids derived no benefit after 2 months, only risk.  The data were derived from 365,000 children, and apparently there was no way CDC could spin them, or 12% was the best spin they could put on the data. This report is a huge obstacle to universal child vaccinations. They cabal cannot surmount it.

It is important to mention again–because we keep forgetting–that while the vaccines are nominally licensed for adults, in fact you can only find the EUA (unlicensed) product in the US, and legally an EUA is experimental–and therefore forcing someone to be vaccinated is a Nuremberg violation and a violation of federal law.  

The imposition of mandates for these experimental gene therapy products is therefore a crime, being committed by states, federal government and certain companies and other institutions.  It seems that because US law was not designed for situations in which the government is the criminal, it has been very difficult to use the judicial system to change what is happening.  But surely if this persisted much longer an honest judge somewhere would finally rule that the vaccines are experimental and the COVID mandate house of cards would then collapse. Like Humpty Dumpty (it is Easter today after all):

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put COVID mandates together again

What else has been happening that undermines the vaccine story?  Well, in addition to all the collapsing athletes, there is now a large collection of mayors suddenly dropping dead throughout Germany.

In Australia, Queensland’s health minister just admitted that ambulances are being summoned for a lot more calls for cardiac events and sudden deaths:  40% more to be exact.  Thanks to Igor Chudov for following this story, and including a video of the clueless minister admitting it, but having no idea why… 

Then there were the 3 insurance companies, one each from the US, India and Germany, that admitted there were about 40% more deaths than expected in working-age people in the second half of 2021.  The German official who blew the whistle, a CEO or VP, was immediately fired, which is a strong indication he was telling the truth.

Three doctor whistleblowers released a large cache of data from the military’s DMED database showing huge increases in service-member deaths.  There has been a lot of confusion about these data.  In part, that is because the military then reissued its data for the preceding several years, making the 2021 comparison look less dire.  Mathew Crawford has some ideas about what really happened to the data.  The only thing that is absolutely clear so far is that there has been a coverup, and the health of vaccinated members of the military appears to have taken a dive. But we don’t know how deep.

Everyone in the world must have heard the term ‘myocarditis’ by now, and knows that it is a vaccine injury.  A lot of people also know that CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said post-vaccination myocarditis was extremely “rare but mild,” except it isn’t and she lied. The rate of myocarditis she cited is at least 10 times too low.  About 1 in 2000 young men aged 18-24 sought care for this diagnosis after getting their second mRNA shot.  

In fact, CDC was so intensely worried about blowback regarding its recommendation to vaccinate teens (despite the risk of myocarditis) it got the heads of about 20 professional medical organizations to sign on to a declaration supporting CDC’s recommendation.  Wonder how much CDC paid for that. Getting such back-up was an unusual move, but perhaps unsurprising for risk-averse bureaucrats who worry about their own butt but not anyone else’s. Rochelle even mentions these “cosigners” from many medical organizations in her ABC-TV interview.  Collecting a bunch of “co-signers” is actually the proof that CDC knew its vaccine recommendation was going to considerably harm children.

While no one in a federal health agency has admitted it, many people must be aware that myocarditis is only the tip of the COVID vaccine injury iceberg.  Myocarditis got attention because it’s life-threatening and almost always happens within 4 days of the second shot–it can’t be written off as coincidence, the way heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary emboli, sudden deaths and perhaps many other diagnoses have been.  

As if there wasn’t enough bad vaccine news, there was information from the Medicare database that FDA posted last July, but it only recently got attention. FDA revealed that heart attacks, pulmonary emboli, disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC, a life-threatening, bleeding plus clotting disorder) and ITP (another bleeding disorder) were related to the Pfizer vaccination in Medicare beneficiaries.  FDA promised to study this rigorously, but instead remained silent, and subsequently has never denied the relationship.

And then there is ivermectin.  So many ivermectin stories have been leaking into the popular press.  Tennessee’s legislature made ivermectin essentially an over-the-counter drug last week.  New Hampshire’s house voted in favor of this as well, while the NH Senate is now taking it up.  Kansas and several other states gave healthcare providers an immunity guarantee for the use of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for COVID.  Kansas also strengthened religious exemptions, effectively undermining school vaccine mandates.

Coupled with stories about lawsuits against hospitals for refusing to supply ivermectin to dying relatives, like this one, people are finally realizing there is probably something to this drug, and they have been cheated.  They were given a shot that barely works, is unsafe, and they were stopped from getting the good drug.  And what if they lost their business to the lockdowns? There must be a lot of anger simmering by now.  I imagine the Great Reset cabal must be worried about this, and has decided to loosen its grip for the moment and hopefully let off some citizen steam.

There is a lot more surprising vaccine news.  While many institutions are still imposing mandates (and we need to find out what $ carrots were given to universities and other entities to impose illegal mandates of experimental vaccines) in other, surprising places the mandates are disappearing.  Out west in Wokeland, the Washington state Department of Health said it would not require COVID vaccines to attend school after all.  Despite Gavin Newsom’s 2021 executive order mandating vaccines for school kids as soon as they are licensed, California’s Department of Health has done the same thing that Washington’s did:  killed the COVID vaccine mandate for the 2022-23 school year

Finally, Fauci himself and other media now openly admit the vaccines will not take us to herd immunity (no matter how many shots we get).

This is why I am convinced the ship is turning.  Those states’ health departments take their orders from CDC and DC.  I do not think FDA is going to be issuing any more fake licenses for COVID vaccines. [I say fake because a) the vaccines do not meet licensure criteria, and b) after issuing the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines licenses for adults, neither licensed product has been distributed in the US for actual use.]. The unvaxxed kids will be spared.  Hallelujah!

During the April 6, 2022 Vaccine and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) meeting, which I live-blogged and summarized, both briefers and committee members acknowledged that the neutralizing antibody titers that have been used as a surrogate for immunity in order to issue EUAs, were in fact not valid surrogates.

This had been obvious for awhile, but a recent Israeli study in healthcare workers made it crystal clear.  While neutralizing antibody titers rose tenfold after a fourth vaccination, by 2 months out the Pfizer vaccine had only 30% efficacy against infection, and the Moderna vaccine had only 11%.  So the high antibody titers were, in fact, meaningless.

This is really important, because Pfizer and Moderna have been relying on titers to get their vaccines okayed for the younger age groups, those below 16 and 18 respectively.  They don’t have data showing the vaccines are actually reducing cases by 50% or more, which is the standard FDA said was necessary.  They don’t have data showing that the vaccines prevent serious cases or deaths, another standard.  

Up until now, FDA accepted titers in lieu of actual efficacy results from clinical trials to issue its EUAs for children–but with the recent VRBPAC admissions, which must have been planned in advance (otherwise why did multiple people at the meeting discuss it as settled fact when they had never mentioned it before?) FDA can no longer do so. 

Another thing that happened at the VRBPAC meeting was that Peter Marks, the head of FDA’s Center for Biologics and highest FDA official there, said that if a new type of COVID vaccine is developed for the next booster, then the current vaccines would no longer be used, because it would be too confusing (according to STAT).  I believe this was another effort to prepare us for the demise of the current mRNA vaccines.

The fall of the vaccines means the fall of the vaccine passports. This ought to slow down the imposition of CBDCs and all-digital money for a bit. If we don’t have to show our vaccine certificate to go shop, eat, etc., (and people stop being fearful of catching something from each Other) people will be a lot less inclined to “show their papers” to go about their lives. It’s our job to explain over and over that this was how the Nazis maintained control.

Here I read the tea leaves

If there is a new vaccine waiting in the wings, FDA and its briefers were not telling us about it at the VRBPAC meeting, which was the time to do so.  For right now, I think the current crop of vaccines and the vaccine passports are going away.  I don’t think the authorities anticipate another severe COVID wave in the foreseeable future…as most people now have Omicron immunity.  The COVID fear will dissipate.

The original Wuhan strain appeared out of nowhere. No natural progenitor could be found.  And the original Omicron strain appears to have also originated in a lab.  If I was a member of the Great Reset cabal, I would be quite hesitant about releasing yet a third lab-engineered virus on the population.  Because millions of people will be looking for one, and it won’t take long before its laboratory provenance is discovered.  Then the pitchforks might really come out.

On the other hand, I do believe the cabal has bet the farm on their Reset, they can’t go back, and they are simply moving on to another means of accomplishing it besides COVID.  The over-the-top WHO Treaty/Constitution and its amendments designed to assume sovereignty over the world in the event of a pandemic is an ambitious Plan B.

But I don’t think it will fly.  Too many people know the WHO was wrong about virtually everything regarding management of this pandemic, not to mention the 2009 swine flu.  And then there was that little matter of WHO undertaking the SOLIDARITY Trial, in which WHO officials deliberately poisoned over 1,000 COVID patients with excessive doses of hydroxychloroquine and in many cases failed to obtain signed informed consents. The WHO could be liable for manslaughter.

Will Russia and China really agree to give up their sovereignty to Tedros?  China, maybe.  Brazil?  India?  Indonesia?  Japan?  Nigeria? Can all of their leaders, and their local power centers, have been sufficiently corrupted to turn over their nations to the cabal?  I think that could be a stretch.

I suspect the cabal will try their best to get a legal OK to take over the world with the upcoming WHO pandemic treaty, but it won’t fly.  Too many people already know about these plans.

After the WHO, the cabal will move on to something else, Plan C.  Climate catastrophe?  Aliens?  I’m guessing it will be a few years before we get hit with another nasty bug.  By then maybe the fiat currencies will have finally crashed, and the cabal won’t have as tight control of the reins. By then, Fauci, Walensky, Biden, Macron, Johnson, Trudeau, Draghi will hopefully be unpleasant memories.

I am not thinking we will all sing kumbaya. I expect a good deal of misery as the cabal pushes all the levers at its disposal.

The Shanghai city and port closure (China’s largest city and the world’s largest port) seems to me a deliberate attempt to interfere with worldwide transit of goods and to reduce food availability. The Chinese know how to treat COVID. They make the drugs and herbs. There is no need for them to lock down.

We are finally understanding that all these awful government policies were deliberate — intended to cement control over and impoverish us. But maybe we can start to build something a whole lot better. 

We are shaking loose of the educational indoctrination system, the ruination of our foods, the user-unfriendly and health-damaging healthcare system. We are starting to grasp that our governments acted with malice aforethought to stupefy and eventually enslave us.

People are breaking free and taking responsibility for their future. Where I live, people are learning self-sufficiency skills, creating home-schooling coops, building greenhouses and growing food. The migration to the countryside was deliberate.

A better life? It just takes everybody waking up. Despite all the acrimony we have faced, the time is ripe to help our fellows see things clearly. We have to love them, help them, meet them where they are. Maybe it is just to talk about the Gridiron dinner. Or ivermectin. They won’t get it in a day. But keep trying. It is our only solution.

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7 months ago

A year ago many still tried to claim it was not about politics but about 'science.'

Notice that ruse is gone, too.

Fact is, Dems, as things appear to stand now, in USA, may get wiped out come November's election.

As Dr. Nass points out, much remains hidden, not said, and so we are left with attempting explanations that may provisionally stand in as interim blanks to be filled in.

One dimension I suspect may have some or a lot to do with the theory that all this will wither away quietly, is the state of health care itself, hospitals, clinics, private practices, and the various local and state public health agencies, big and small.

At least 8 in 10 employees in the above are 'grunts' who've been lied to, two solid years, by top brass. . . this has created miserable working conditions, very miserable. . . as the 'grunts' know what's going on and are stuck in this maze of insanity and lies, pushed onto them and American public. . . and face angry patients and public, who blame them for this mass murder. . . yeah, this is what we're calling it now. . . .

The Great Omicron Xmas present laid waste to all their manipulations and broke to pieces foundations of this criminal novel corona covid operation. And they were seen as the naked beasts they've always been, in living color!

And so the MDs and the 'big boy's running these places are watching their organizations seething with all manner of dysfunction, and the big boys know that things are falling apart. . . and are in some manner afraid of the masses, as more and more they are being told exactly what we think of them.

Unlike two years ago, there's a general feeling now that being able to socialize and be with people is worth the risk . . . as we have seen and experienced isolation, and that truly is torture.

In other words, a reign of terror can only last so long. This reign of terror still has many adherents, but has run out of steam. . . and there are too many sick people everywhere, that just are no longer themselves anymore [fully vaxxed, boosted], after getting jabbed. And there is also the unmeasured psychological dimension. . . many have cracked up, and are shells of their former selves, even if they continue going to work, and try to pretend things "are normal" again.

Many I observe in my line of work have aged greatly, gone gray and white hair, gained weight. Look like hell.

But they're still kicking.

At the local and municipal level in Massachusetts, bureaucrats are now making a virtue of necessity.

Among re-awakenings here is: that old and powerful lady called Natural Acquired [herd] Immunity. This rediscovery, having a quiet, largely unspoken/unsaid, but nonetheless massive impact on peoples consciousness.

& Many now realize they're on their own. Many young women horrified they can't get pregnant; many young men no longer able to run or jog or bike. . . .without getting heart palpitations. . . many are scared, and their anger is pointing at all things medical establishment and government.

Fauci, is now admitting what we've known all along: that we're on our own: "each individual will have to take their own determination of risk. . . .you're gonna make a question and an answer for yourself, for me as an individual for you as an individual" he said this week.

7 months ago


Dr. Nass. Thank you very much for holding this hearing. I
practice internal medicine in Maine. I have a background in
Anthrax and biological warfare and conduct a specialty clinic
for patients with multi-symptom syndromes, including Gulf War
Syndrome, Anthrax vaccine-induced illnesses, fibromyalgia, and
chronic fatigue syndrome.
The stories of those with Gulf War or Anthrax vaccine-
induced illnesses are usually heartrending. Most became
disabled in their twenties to forties with a combination of
physical impairments, cognitive problems, and psychiatric
disorders. They carry 10 to 15 diagnoses each on average. Five
patients gave me permission to share their medical records with
this Committee if you wish to see them.
I want to tell you four things today.
First, Anthrax vaccine can cause a wide range of disorders,
but most commonly causes a syndrome clinically
indistinguishable from Gulf War Syndrome. Many studies have
shown that it was a contributor, but certainly not the only
contributor, to Gulf War illnesses. Data from the military's
Defense Medical Surveillance System have shown that vaccinated
servicemembers have significantly elevated rates of heart
attacks, several cancers, asthma, diabetes, Crohn's disease,
psychoses, depression, and blood clots, compared to pre-
vaccination rates.
A U.S. government Accountability Office (GAO) report last
month cited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC) and Military Vaccine Healthcare Center officials saying
that one to 2 percent of Anthrax vaccine recipients may
experience potentially disabling side effects or death. The
Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs concurred
with this report. I would like to refer you to my written
testimony for the details and sources. I am going to talk
broadly in this verbal testimony.
Second item, DoD and Department of Veterans Affairs funded
a huge portfolio of research that was carefully designed to
create a smoke screen around both Gulf War illnesses and
Anthrax vaccine injuries, presumably to deflect culpability
from government decisions and actions that led to the massive
collateral damage caused to Gulf War veterans and Anthrax
vaccine recipients. The result is confusion in the minds of
patients, medical practitioners, and policy makers. Last week,
a patient of mine and his wife cried in gratitude in my office
when I told him he had Gulf War syndrome and not a psychiatric
illness, even though I said it could not be cured. His VA
doctor, he said, didn't believe in Gulf War illnesses. That
should not be happening today, and it is largely a consequence
of the failed body of Gulf War research.
The VA and DoD-funded research has been successful at
delaying the provision of pensions and appropriate care for
affected veterans, and taking away their self respect.
Third item. This situation does not need to continue. Both
the research, treatment and disability assessment for veterans
can be improved and made fair.
Fourth. Troops would not so easily be placed in harm's way
if the Department of Defense bore the long term costs of their
injuries. DoD continues to expose soldiers to a range of
potentially debilitating exposures, such as aerosolized
depleted uranium, illegal levels of toxins on military bases,
and known dangerous vaccines for which no threat has been
demonstrated and for which safer approaches exist.

7 months ago

Ill soldiers are medically discharged and the cost of their
future care shifted to the VA. If Congress made sure that some
of these costs were borne by the Pentagon, it is certain the
long-term health of soldiers would be taken more seriously.
What should be done? In terms of research, a total of seven
Federal advisory groups and the Committee on government Reform
have made detailed recommendations for the types of long term
studies that should be done on Anthrax vaccine. Their
recommendations should be carried out. These groups include
three Institute of Medicine Committees, the Advisory Committee
on Immunization Practices of CDC, VA's Research Advisory
Committee, the Armed Forces Epidemiology Board, and the GAO.
The CDC has been conducting a trial of Anthrax vaccine in
1,500 civilians since 2002. Over 100 adverse event reports have
been filed with FDA on trial subjects, but no preliminary data
have been released to the public and the investigators have
decided to focus on short-term adverse events.
Congress could investigate this study and insist that
adequate long-term safety data are collected. Studies like this
have the ability to tell us once and for all the precise side
affect profile of this vaccine and the rates of adverse
What should not be done? History should cease repeating
itself. In 1997, Phil Shenon of the New York Times reported on
Congressman Shays' investigation of Gulf War illness research.
He said, “The Pentagon and Department of Veterans Affairs have
so mishandled the investigation of the veterans' health
problems that Congress should create or designate an agency
independent of them to coordinate research into the cause of
the ailments.''
Now it is 10 years and $260 million later and absolutely
nothing has changed.
Failed research does not happen by itself. In the case of
Gulf War and Anthrax vaccine studies, a number of issues can be
identified that led to unusable results: the wrong questions
were asked; data was withheld; dubious methods were chosen;
sample sizes were inadequate to answer the questions asked;
control groups contained exposed subjects; and exposed groups
contained unexposed subjects.
Those government officials who deliberately wasted hundreds
of millions of dollars on a wild goose chase should be subject
to charges of research misconduct. Congress can pass a law to
establish criteria and penalties for such conduct, similar to
existing NIH regulations.
The officials responsible for this research charade could
be barred from future government grants and contracts and
future government employment. A new Federal agency should be
created with a responsibility for only drug and vaccine safety.
Currently, agencies responsible for promoting drugs and
vaccines are also responsible for safety, and this inherent
conflict of interest has resulted in repeated failures to
regulate appropriately. A bill like this was introduced in the
last Congress, I believe by Representatives Carolyn Maloney and
Dave Weldon.
Finally, government officials who supported and expanded
Anthrax vaccinations while in office are now on the payroll of
the vaccine manufacturer or companies with government contracts
related to Anthrax vaccine. This includes two former U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services (HHS0 secretaries.
Congress should pass a law to prevent such egregious conflicts
of interest in future.
In conclusion, we know Anthrax vaccine and other toxic
exposures are dangerous to susceptible individuals. Clear steps
can be taken to reduce future injuries, treat the injuries that
exist and achieve accountability for the deliberate failures
that have occurred. Thank you very much.

Meryl Nass, M.D.
Meryl Nass, M.D.
7 months ago

I read your second comment before I read your first, and I thought, who is this person who thinks like I do? Then I got to the bottom and learned I had written it. Fifteen years ago.

I knew I would not be invited back to give another Congressional testimony after that, and I wasn't.

And nothing changed.

And here we are today, and the anthrax vaccine debacle seems like it was our dress rehearsal.

7 months ago

In 1991 the rate of cancer cases in Iraq was 40 out of 100,000 people. 1995 it had increased to 800 out of 100,000 people, and, by 2005, it had doubled to at least 1,600 out of 100,000 people with increasing trend continuing.

Disproportionate multimorbidity among veterans in middle age
Oxford Academic

First Gulf War 200,000 GULF WAR iLLNESS
Toxic Wounds' of Gulf War
MEDSURG Nursing Jun2019
Conard, Patricia
Abstract 25%-33% 175,000 to 210,000 of deployed Veterans are experiencing Gulf War illness, presumably from detected and undetected hazardous exposures.

Exposure to toxic chemicals is the root cause of myriad of health problems faced by many Gulf War veterans. Simultaneous presence of multiple morbidities ailments for these veterans, known as Gulf War syndrome, is also confirmed.
Incidence of cancer and congenital defects has increased significantly in Iraq after Allied use of depleted uranium bullets during Gulf War.

After age 25, veterans’ risk for multimorbidity increased across all age groups. Increased odds of reporting multimorbidity was highest when comparing veterans aged 35 to 44 to non-veterans of the same ages. Veterans aged 35 to 44, are 50% to 80% more likely to report multimorbidity when compared with same aged non veterans.

Tom Daggett 10 yrs US Army 54 also FED UP Committee on Veterans' Affairs Subcommittee on Health Aug 2, 2007 Meryl Nass, M.D. MT Desert Island Hospital Bar Harbor Dear Meryl Subcommittee on Health hearing on Gulf War Illness by Gulf Committee on Veterans' Affairs. Your answers consecutively and single-spaced. Please restate question in its entirety before the answer.

For at least 10 years, the personnel to implement Gulf War Illness programs have prevented good research, good diagnostics and good treatments for Gulf War veterans. Group of individuals at VA have had control over research, outreach and treatment, and these officials have ensured that the focus of both research and treatment has been primarily psychological. Medical evaluation strategies adopted by the VA have specified that investigations of veterans' symptoms be limited, and the recommended treatment strategies have primarily used psychiatric drugs.

Common factor for 275,000 British and US veterans who are ill appears to be a substance called squalene, allegedly used in injections to add to their potency. Such an action would have been illegal. Squalene is not licensed for use on either side of the Atlantic because of potential side effects.

Dr Pam Asa tested more than 300 former US military personnel who were given vaccinations to go to the Gulf 95% tested positive for squalene antibodies.

Dr Asa said in her view fact even nondeployed veterans were testing positive for squalene provided conclusive evidence that vaccinations were a "major cause" of the condition..

"I believe those people who were given vaccinations in the US and UK were given something they should not have been in the anthrax vaccine. Results need examination by US and UK governments."

Health Effects of Depleted Uranium on Exposed Gulf War Veterans 10 Year Follow Up U.S. Gulf War veterans who were victims of depleted uranium DU “friendly fire” has been carried out since the early 1990s. Findings to date reveal a persistent elevation of urine uranium, more than 10 yr after exposure, in those veterans with retained shrapnel fragments. The excretion is presumably from ongoing mobilization of DU from fragments oxidizing in situ. A mixed picture of genotoxic outcomes is also observed, including an association of hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyl transferase HPRT mutation frequency with high urine uranium levels.

Because the country, it seems though, has turned their back on me
Experiences of institutional betrayal among veterans living with Gulf War Illness

7 months ago

1.) 'Brazilian Researchers Find Possible Covid Treatment In Viper Venom!'

The viper study appeared in the scientific journal Molecules this month and found that the molecule inhibited the virus’s ability to multiply in monkey cells by 75%. This is specifically a a peptide, or chain of amino acids, that can connect to an enzyme of the coronavirus called PLPro, which is vital to reproduction of the virus.

2.) 'Fully vaccinated Australia now seeing massive rise in “unexplained heart attacks”'

7 months ago


'Pharmaceutical Murder With Remdesivir!'
Published on April 14, 2022

7 months ago

While the bio-engineered plandemic/vaccine ship might be sinking, the rats always seem to figure out a way to survive and carry on.

The damage this mismanaged 'pandemic' has done will be with us for a long time. Many cannot admit they made a terrible mistake to rush out and get the series of fake vaccine shots and boosters. They did not wait and do their homework; they fell for the massive psy-op. We are in the early stages of witnessing the consequences. The economic and social fallout is monumental as well … in my opinion, of course.

I read every word of this blog post and think it is excellent. I have only one friend who will be open to reading it. I think that says a lot about how successful this takeover of the group mind has been. Most people park themselves in front of television and absorb the propaganda which is then reinforced by other authority figures. Critically thinking people are out there, but are hard to find. I hope the trend is shifting and more will think for themselves.

In the meantime, I will work in my vegetable garden today.

7 months ago


"Health Officials Clueless in Mysterious Outbreak of Severe Hepatitis Cases in Young Children in U.S. and Europe."

The Vaccine is induced AIDS making all pathogens more deadly. In order to get the mRNA into your cells to instruct your DNA to manufacture the FauXi bioweapon spike proteins with out you innate antibodies destroying it first, mRNA technology has to Suppress your immune system. Aka Vaccine Induces AIDS, getting worse and worse with every new shot.

You asked what was causing the surge in hospitalizations and deaths following Vaccination. As you will be aware the mRNA has not been approved ( only authorised, or licensed), The part of the virus that has been chosen to be replicated is the "spike protein" which is the part that actually causes illness. It is not surprising therefore that people are becoming ill and dying since the "spike protein will cause inflammation and clotting" wherever it happens to end up.

"Covid 19 – a disease which still hasn't been proven to exist!"

Great Article and Blog Comments!

7 months ago

Yes, a sort of conspired hush has fallen over the mainstream narrative. The mask edicts were suspended amid modest fanfare, with the illusion we are now free from the grip of tyranny. Meanwhile, my in my own state of Oregon, the injection edicts for school, government, and healthcare employees remain firmly, if quietly, in place — with no sign of repeal yet on the horizon.

7 months ago

We have experienced these interregnums before. The psy-ops behind this madness have been cunningly contrived by the best psycho-social professionals and marketeers on the planet. They know how to pull the levers and turn the screws to exert maximum effect. They have all the necessary means to do so. They know periodic relief is an essential aspect of their power and domination. The next round is then even more twisted and will-breaking.

7 months ago

The tea leaves I am reading suggest the next element of their plan — their attack on our liberty — will employ shortages and rationing. They have been laying the groundwork for this pivot over the last few months now. In order to access essential supplies — food and fuel in particular — we will be required to register for an allotment. And in one fell swoop this accomplishes all the goals of digital identification, "passports" for everyday life, constraints on cash, and the entrenchment of digital currency.

7 months ago

Recently I read the latest book by Dave Eggers, "The Every". It portrays a dystopian near future in which every facet of social existence is immediately recognizable in our own present. Continuing to the total conglomeration of data and control over every aspect of daily life. The implementation is accomplished primarily through acquiescence: the public is convinced that the latest tech is essential for health and safety. Even if it may attenuate our freedoms a little bit, that's okay, because we can feel more secure, less fearful. We learn to fear choice, because what if we make bad choices? So much better if others help us make good choices. We learn to feel anxiety about the opinions of others, what if they don't like us or disapprove? So much better if technology requires us to give and get feedback over all of our social transactions, all the time. That way we and our friends and our employers always know where we stand, and we can always control our behavior to conform, such a relief…

The book is terrifying in the vision it portrays, and how easily it all comes to pass from exactly where we are now, through acquiescence and subsuming all dissent.

And without giving it away, the ending is not hopeful…

7 months ago

Do mRNA covid spike shots 'prevent the establishment of immune memory'?

Where we go from here is eternal question [Q: “What do they have in store for us next?” A: Acquired mRNA spike shot Immune Deficiency Syndrome?]

A signal function of science, predict or at least make inference of what's next.

Key function — absence of this: among most obvious [and damning] signs of this great Interruption of Science in novel corona epoch.

From beginning of this, no serious effort to provide public rational predictions, inferences on where this was going, circa Jan. 2020 to today. Their Fog of War on the people replaced Science from outset.

This signal — from get go — this entire institutional 'public health' effort [bluff], fraudulent and criminal, and at very least, un-serious blind mans bluff/tom foolery.

Early on, Mike Yeadon, the former Pfizer exec outraged many, especially 'fact' 'checkers' [Yeadon may hold record for most stones thrown at him] by stating: Messengers RNA Spike Shots operation, mass murder masquerading as public health?

He among those in 2020 vociferously stating: these mRNA vac trials, fraudulent; and his continued dire warnings of their dangers.

31-page mongraph, "The Covid Lies" Working Draft of April 10, 2022 by Yeadon, excellent primer and frame of reference, viz. What do they have in store for us next?

Yeadon explicates a dozen anti-public health big medicine narratives pushed onto population, including "There are unfortunately no treatments for Covid beyond support in hospital."

Point 10 of this work in progress — "Variants of the virus appear and are of great concern" — discuss what might be a very good stab on: What do they have in store for us next? ["They're Here" famous Poltergeist movie line, apropos.]

Item 10 discuss immune response, and represent nub of Yeadon's [and others' greatest concern]: mRNA spike shots destroy a human's immune system?

"I do not rule out the possibility that the so-called vaccines are so badly designed that they prevent the establishment of immune memory. If that is true, then the vaccines are worse than failures, and it might be possible to be repeatedly infected. This would be a form of acquired immune deficiency.”

Link below, from big medicine/pharma-Occupied Reuters ‘news’ agency story, circa March 2021, foreshadows some of the particular sorts of personal attack methods later deployed on RFK Jr. and Dr. Malone from FBI/DOJ-Occupied NYTimes.

Why did US/NATO countries apparently fail to recognize — as a matter of official public health policy — highly infectious nature of Sars CoV 2 virus in Jan. 2020?

Could explanation be as simple as: Fauci/Daszack et al. insisting this was zoonotic and thus only animals could infect humans and therefore:
"not a major threat to the people of the United States" as Fauci stated Jan. 21, 2020?

Jan. 20 2020 CDC stated: "Rarely, animal coronaviruses can evolve and infect people and then spread between people such as has been seen with MERS and SARS." “Many of the patients in the outbreak in Wuhan, China have reportedly had some link to a large seafood and animal market, suggesting animal-to-person spread.”

Kadlec declared liability immunity for drug makers Feb. 4 2020


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