Current status of Covid in the US–hospitalizations, deaths, and quirky stats from NY

Deaths/day over the past week:  992.  

Hospitalizations related to Covid are at an all-time high at 61,964–Nov 10 was the first time the hospitalization peak in April was surpassed.

Understanding who is dying is not easy.  New York state, where Governor Cuomo was one of 6 governors to demand nursing homes take back Covid-infected patients, claims only 25% of Covid-related deaths occurred in people residing in nursing homes or similar settings, while New Hampshire reports that 81% of deaths occurred in such residents.  Cuomo, who may face legal action over his decision, would benefit by reports of low death rates in this group.

Here are updated death rates/day, averaged over the first week of each month since the start of the pandemic, in the US.

March              3           (daily average February 29-March 7)

April.         1376           (daily average March 31-April 7)

May            1823          (daily average April 30-May 7)

June              788          (daily average May 3-June 7)

July               525          (daily average June 30-July 7)

August        1056          (daily average July 31-August 7)

September     817         (daily average Aug. 31-Sept. 7)

October         666          (daily average Sept. 30-Oct. 7)

November     989         (daily avg Oct. 31-Nov. 7)

data from Covidtracking

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2 years ago

Just as there is a distinction between death from Covid versus death with Covid: is anyone beginning to push distinguishing between hospitalization because of Covid versus hospitalization with Covid?

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