Do we become more powerful human beings when we take a stand against the bully state?/Charles Eisenstein

I think this is a must-read.  I have been avoiding the many Eisenstein pieces sent to me by friends and fellow travelers, due to their length.  My life is one “cut to the chase” after another.  But our predicament now is how to understand and deal with the ocean of people who are seemingly brainwashed.  This piece offers one way in.  We need all the help we can muster to understand and reach them.

Another thing I’ve been hearing a lot of recently is that “Covid tyranny is bound to end soon, because people just aren’t going to stand for it much longer.” It would be more accurate to say, “Covid tyranny will continue until people no longer stand for it.” That brings up the question, “Am I standing for it?” Or am I waiting for other people to end it for me, so that I don’t have to? In other words, am I waiting for the rescuer, so that I needn’t take the risk of standing up to the bully?

If you do put up with it, waiting for others to resist instead, then you affirm a general principle of “waiting for others to do it.” Having affirmed that principle, the forlorn hope that others will resist rings hollow. Why should I believe others will do what I’m unwilling to do? That is why pronouncements about the inevitability of a return to normalcy, though they seem hopeful, carry an aura of delusion and despair…

Despite appearances, Covid has not been the end of democracy. It has merely revealed that we were already not in a democracy. It showed where the power really is and how easily the facade of freedom could be stripped from us. It showed that we were “free” only at the pleasure of elite institutions. By our ready acquiescence, it showed us something about ourselves.

We were already unfree. We were already conditioned to submission…

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11 months ago

Meryl Nass sharing Charles Eisenstein gives me hope for this world. You both are similar in the depth you go to explain things, and the integrity you carry all the way through .. different things, different parts of the same things … and both so necessary.

Other recent gems from Charles –

11 months ago

Yes. And we have reached a stage in this tyranny where it has become necessary to deploy *all* tactics of resistance. Not just the overt and out-spoken. This is a classic asymmetrical struggle. We need to use the covert as well, the guerilla tactics, underground acts of resistance, subterfuge, infiltration, sabotage. We are nice people, so these may be difficult to consider. Yet we are up against forces that would cause us harm, and enslave us to their purpose. It is up to us now, to protect the souls of our children.

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