Don’t quit your jobs yet over the vaccine. Make them fire you!  

Because mandates right now are illegal, despite what anyone says.

1.  According to Senator Johnson, and what I hear, you cannot obtain the Comirnaty vaccine, which is the only licensed vaccine in the US.  The rest are all experimental, as I have detailed previously, and according to well established US law you camnnot be forced to receive an experimental product.  Furhtermore, the EUA statute says you have the right to refuse.  AND it says that you need to be told the risks, benefits and alternatives to the experimental vaccines.  (Of course, if you were told the truth, no one would agree to be vaccinated.)

2.  It seems the federal government has not taken any steps to enshrine what Biden announced early in September in law or regulation.  See this.

3.  The feds know that it will be very hard to beat bad all the lawsuits over this.  They prefer empty threats and intimidation to creating rules that can be challenged.  Because, you never can tell what every single judge is going to do.

4.  The feds did the same thing with anthrax vaccine.  The FDA knew it could not justify the license for anthrax vaccines, so it simply sat on the license, never issuing a final rule, as decades rolled by.  FDA’s lawyers preferred leaving it in a regulatory no man’s land.  Expect the same with these vaccine mandates.

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