Dr. Charles Hoffe describes what happened to 900 of his patients after they were given the Moderna shot. Please watch or listen

I found this video incredibly compelling.  Yes, he was told to shut up and threatened, and that is a story.  But what truly stunned and sickened me were the number of vaccine injuries in this small population, many who are from the First Nations.  If these rates of injury are broadly representative, we are seeing a major crime against humanity taking place.

When doctors who are just trying to inform public health authorities about their own patients’ injuries are being muzzled, something is indeed very rotten.


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1 year ago

It would seem that the Moderna and Pfizer issues are being kept very quiet, while the J&J and AZ (right or wrong) are being thrown under the bus. Coincidence that they are cheaper, easier to distribute, and could be competition for the mRNA co's? Dr. John Campbell, a very pro-vax mainstream guy, seems to think something is fishy. He says as much at 10:30-12:50 in the video here:


Nina McDonald
Nina McDonald
1 year ago

So they have basically pooh-poohed Dr Hoffe's concerns:
"The statement adds that IH knows UNEQUIVOCALLY that the vaccines are safer than COVID-19 itself, and that the vaccines have been demonstrated to be safe and effective through all levels of clinical trials."

“There is a detailed process to review all adverse effects following immunizations, and all serious events are recorded and reported to the provincial and national level to monitor for safety signals that may be missed at the local level. With the information we have from the vaccine roll-out so far, the COVID-19 vaccines are very safe.”

Fenton tells the Journal that while there will always be some variations between medical practitioners, when it comes to the safety of vaccines it is important to look at consensus-based reports from those who are trained in the field.

“These people are the experts of the experts,” she says. “I can answer most vaccine questions, but I don’t consider myself to be an expert in vaccines. The decisions and analyses are defined by people with the skills and expertise to parse through the information we have.”


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