Emergent plans $108M expansion/ LSJ

From the Lansing State Journal:  The anthrax vaccine manufacturer, with one product and basically one buyer, YOU (your taxes at work) plans to expand.  But sorry, there won’t be any new jobs as yet, although Michigan will have to pay its share.   How the state will benefit is unknown.

…Emergent BioSolutions would fund the entire project, Alley said,
though it has applied for roughly $6.4 million in local brownfield
incentives that would reimburse expenses through 2041. He said the
project should generate $3.6 million in new property taxes for local
governments. [Over how many years?  And won’t EBS require discounts?]

Construction and the scope of the project is contingent upon approval of the brownfield plan, Alley said…

No formal recruiting push is expected as a result of the renovations …

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