Energy Department Now Using the “Misinformation” Meme against those who challenge safety of windmills on people living in their vicinity, with help from NPR

According to National Public Radio (your tax dollars at work), 

There’s another battle in the misinformation wars – renewable energy. False and misleading information about wind and solar is fueling opposition to projects across rural America.”

“The spread of misinformation about solar and wind energy is leading some states and counties to restrict or even reject projects,” NPR said in introducing the piece that rejects any criticism of climate change or the radical policies to fight it like the Green New Deal. “The Energy Department calls it a key threat to decarbonizing the grid.”

Whenever you see the term misinformation used, remember that people have a First Amendment right to say anything they wish to, short of crying Fire! in a theater.  Disagreement and discussion are a necessary part of the Democratic process.  Those pushing the ‘misinformation’ meme want to shut out all discussion and permit only their own single narrative to be heard.

This is unconstitutional:  it goes against the very foundation of our system of law. It abrogates the rights the Constitution gives to every American.

Whenever you see ‘misinformation’ used, pay close attention to who is using it and what they are saying.  It is the WEF/oligarchy’s pet meme right now, with which they hope to obliterate all opposition to their plans.  This is being carefully rolled out, in one sector at a time.

I had my license suspended for spreading misinformation, which I reminded the Board was nowhere enshrined in any laws as a crime.  I further pointed out that the Board does not have the legislative authority to craft new laws.  However, the price of admission to the courtroom is steep, and very few Americans can afford it.  I am extremely fortunate to be backed by Children’s Health Defense.  My goal is to make sure that no Medical Board, and no state or federal agency, will ever again try to mess with Americans’ lives, using the term ‘misinformation’ as a cudgel to destroy free speech, using authorities the law never gave them.

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