George Washington understood censorship. Why don’t we?


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9 months ago

Good, quick explanation here, with urgency on how to act, at least initial steps. Since the inception of the Smartphone/’Influencer’ Dark-Money laundering imitation-social network, post Citizen’s United, the social world people have been in has been increasingly artificial, not just because of A.I., but because of fake, bribed people, corrupt incentives, extortion, transnational, corrupted paramilitary operations online- all using ‘accelerationist’ techniques, via ‘NRx’ (Curtis Yarvin, etc) style online swarming to control narratives. This is the ‘other’ form of censorship. Our current regime uses a ‘dual deterrent’ form of censorship against the public- and that one is used to feed the other (troll farms used to excuse censorship) and vice versa (troll farms incite because censorship, they say). Because this new dual-deterrent, parasitic strategy has not been addressed as an integrated attack on Civil rights, the US constitution, and an abuse on US military power, along with the absolute sickening corruption of the social/public sphere via dark money (money from organized crime/proxy war/narcotics/laundering) and extortion to incentivize certain behavior, ALONG with the already-negative Skinner/Watson, Pavlovian Behavioral, and other types of Evolutionary-Psychological profiling that goes on (on a very private level to everyone) to control and violate peoples person- yet they’ll still pretend markets ‘act all by themselves,’ pretending no responsibility, blame an ‘invisible hand’ or an algorithm for the trillions in research, data, and human-interaction that they must force onto people- pretending it is real, to censor the ‘reality’ they don’t like.

For almost a decade now, it’s been these constant barrages (in the news, long before covid) of false equivalencies, false dichotomies, no true scotsman fallacies, progressive fallacy, naturalistic fallacy, and ‘circling the wagons’ over and over and over.

‘I’m mad are you mad? Yeah I’m mad- did you say you were mad?’

Tough to beat any kind of corruption when people are being bribed, extorted to repeat these same dumb conversations over and over. At Agenda 21, which I know you are well aware of by now, they said this was a better form of censorship, controlling information, than even top-heavy, state strongarming. They called it ‘flooding the zone.’

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