German Pathologist Sounds Alarm on Fatal Covid Vaccine Injuries: “Jab is Cause of Death in 30-40% of Autopsies of Recently Vaccinated”

The director of the Institute of Pathology at the University of Heidelberg, Peter Schirmacher, has conducted more than 40 autopsies on people who died within two weeks of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine and expressed concern about the results. … Schirmacher said that 30-40% of the people he examined died from the vaccine and that, in his opinion, the frequency of fatal consequences of vaccines is “underestimated”.

The Chancellor’s lackey, German immunologist Thomas Mertens, immediately dismissed the findings: “I know of no data that would allow me to make a justifiable claim in this regard and I do not assume an undeclared number”.

Despite the criticism, Schirmacher has received support from within his own ranks, and the Federal Association of German Pathologists has said that more autopsies of vaccinated people who have died within a certain time after vaccination should be carried out.

Of course, it should be noted that Schirmacher’s warning could cause several pharmaceutical companies to lose billions of dollars in business in the long run, which explains why his conclusions have been criticised and tarnished by those who want to impose the pro-vaccine agenda … However, Schirmacher’s reputation and seriousness cannot be ignored.

In response to the criticism, Schirmacher denied a lack of competence, saying, “Colleagues are definitely wrong because they cannot assess this specific question competently.” Furthermore, the director stated that he was not trying to sow fear and that he was not opposed to vaccines, as he himself had been vaccinated.

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