Here is how you do the Big Lie/ CNBC and the 99.5% of deaths in the unvaccinated

First CNBC set up the story.  It provided facts that actually don’t mean very much. but sound frightening.  It said the virus is 1,000 times more transmissible than the original. In fact, precisely this strategy was used in the early days of Covid.  

The variant is highly contagious, largely because people infected with the delta strain can carry up to 1,000 times more virus in their nasal passages than those infected with the original strain, according to new data.

At the onset of the pandemic, in March 2020, SARS-2 was alleged to be 1,000 times more transmissible than SARS-1.  And today, the hot story is that the Delta variant is 1,000 times more transmissible than the original strain of SARS-2.  Which would make it 1 million times more transmissible than SARS-1.

But what does that really mean?  In the real world, more transmissibility is generally associated with lowered virulence.  And that is precisely the case when you compare SARS-1 and SARS-2, and the Delta versus the original Covid strain.  Each has considerably less virulence than the earlier coronavirus.

It means the Delta variant might be as transmissible as the flu. And it happens to be the least virulent of the seven variants being evaluated in the UK.

Now that you have gotten everyone’s attention, you throw in some quotes from the CDC Director, who happily obliges with more meaningless drivel.

“The delta variant is more aggressive and much more transmissible than previously circulating strains,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky told reporters at a briefing Thursday. “It is one of the most infectious respiratory viruses we know of, and that I have seen in my 20-year career.”

Aggressive sounds pretty bad, but what does it mean?  In fact, it has no medical meaning. The claim of high transmissibility is repeated, while nothing else is being said.

How transmissible is flu?  CDC states that between 3% and 20% of Americans get the flu each winter, within a brief 3 months. Delta is presumably in the same ballpark.

The stage has been prepared. The CDC Director has opined on the latest horribleness. The audience is nervous and paying full attention.

What comes next appears to be from a reliable source.  But in fact, it came out of left field.  There is no source.  No attribution whatsoever.

CNBC stated:

“In hospitals around the country, 97% of people admitted with Covid symptoms are unvaccinated, and 99.5% of all Covid deaths are also among the unvaccinated.”

The numbers cannot be verified by the press, or by me, or by anyone who does not have an official list of the vaccinated.  Most people were vaccinated in mass clinics.  The vaccinations are not in their medical records.  There are no insurance claims for the vaccine, which was free.  While the states and CDC do have those lists, somewhere, CDC has previously claimed it could not match the list of the vaccinated to reported post-vaccination deaths to corroborate and evaluate them.

In the UK, with similar vaccination rates as the US, it was reported that the majority of hospitalizations are occurring in the VACCINATED. This according to Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK’s chief science advisor, who is also known as a member of the Fauci Covid origin cover-up cabal.

According to Reuters, Vallance now says he misspoke.

Vallance earlier said at a news conference with Prime Minister Boris Johnson that 60% of people being admitted to hospital with COVID-19 have had two doses of vaccine.

“Correcting a statistic I gave at the press conference,” Vallance said on Twitter. “About 60% of hospitalisations from COVID are not from double vaccinated people, rather 60% of hospitalisations from COVID are currently from unvaccinated people.” 

When the public has no means of verification, the media (as well as government officials) can say anything they please.  How does 99.5% sound?  There’s nothing stopping you. So why not go for broke? And if there is pushback, just change the numbers tomorrow.

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Terri Ventress
Terri Ventress
1 year ago

Thank you for getting truth out. I have a parent who watches MSM and fear control has become one of my main tasks, sadly.

1 year ago

When I was a kid in the 70s I knew a recently trained nurse who was big into this behavioral psychology. Americans were too stubborn and dumb to follow medical advice, she now knew, so everything had to be exaggerated and information manipulated, including the use of scare tactics, to get them to comply for their own good.

It made me as a kid feel super-smart because I had insider knowledge and was on the side of the intelligent people, and subtly controlling the dumb ones. It’s intoxicating.

Now in my fifties after having received some truly worthless and knowingly-harmful medical procedures (tonsils out, several medications, some dental things), I wonder how many of those “dumb people” were actually intuitively smart in resisting the medical interventions.

Charles Trzcinka
Charles Trzcinka
1 year ago

Great comments. The hospitalization number could be estimated by self-reporting. Perhaps the better way to say this is “of the hospitalized patients who were willing to reveal their vaccination status, 99.5% said they were not vaccinated”. This doesn’t sound quite as ominous as “99.5% of Covid hospitalizations are unvaccinated”.

Chris G (UK)
Chris G (UK)
1 year ago

Percentages without the absolute numbers for context can be pretty meaningless. A 40 / 60 split of 100 hospitalisations is a 40% vs 60% statistic, but so is 4,000 / 6,000 of 10,000 cases. The latter being more significant in terms of impact

1 year ago

Thank you. I am so glad as a nurse there are people out there like you.

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