How many Covid deaths have occurred daily, on average, during the first week of each month in the US?

March              3           (daily average February 29-March 7)

April.         1376           (daily average March 31-April 7)

May            1823          (daily average April 30-May 7)

June              788          (daily average May 3-June 7)

July               525          (daily average June 30-July 7)

August        1056          (daily average July 31-August 7)

September     817         (daily average August 31-September 7)

October         666          (daily average September 30-October 7)

*CURRENT   810       (daily death avg Oct 21-28)

Data obtained from

What is not being reported:  

  • average age at time of death, 
  • other comorbidities, 
  • % of deaths occurring in nursing homes or assisted living situations, 
  • whether there are excess deaths above the expected number, and 
  • current numbers for all causes of deaths.  

We hear about the outliers, like the first US person proven to get Covid twice, but we don’t know about the averages.  We don’t know about how the numbers of deaths from suicides, alcoholism and drug abuse compare to previous years. Are we seeing more deaths from cancer, heart attacks or ‘sudden deaths’?  These are the data that would allow us to understand the pandemic in perspective.  These are the data that are hidden.

The one person who got Covid twice and died was an 89 y/o woman from Holland being treated for a blood cancer.

Have staff working in congregate living settings been fully trained in infection control?  Been issued adequate equipment?  These important issues are no longer being reported. Why?

How many medical staff are taking prophylactic medications?  We know that half a million Americans (not previously on the drug) purchased HCQ in March and April.  How many Americans are using it now? Is it affecting outpatient morbidity and mortality?  The doctors using it, and willing to come forward, say an unequivocal YES.

Covid data, inadequately reported by CDC, was to be rerouted to HHS.  So far, we have heard no improvement in disease reporting. Will we?

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2 years ago

While this information seems good, the mere fact the PCR and antibody tests are hugely unreliable and have an up to 80% False Positive misrepresentation, in the end the numbers are meaningless. The entire global shutdown is based on completely fraudulent information. Life making decisions have all been based on falsified information and yet the globalist psychopaths and their minions are getting away with it.

Meryl Nass, M.D.
Meryl Nass, M.D.
2 years ago

With respect to Jon Rappaport's column in nomorefakenews, there are 2 issues.

1. The CDC did say there were no quantitative samples. The issue is not whether there are samples–there are–but they lack QUANTITATIVE samples with varying amounts of virus in them. I think this is an excuse for why they have not tested all the PCR and antibody tests for sensitivity and specificity. Surely they could produce quantitative samples, but have chosen otherwise.
2. But the issues of whether this is a live virus, whether it can be isolated, be grown in culture, be transmitted to animals, cause human to human infection–the answer is yes, of course it can. There are hundreds or thousands of papers documenting all of these, on many continents.

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