How to watch the 4th Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium

My first talk on anthrax, Emergent BioSolutions and the biodefense industry starts at 2 hrs 46 minutes 30 seconds. I am also on the panel after the talk.

My second talk starts at 5 hours 35 seconds.  It is about how to win against the Great Reset.  I emphasize the need to call out the many deceitful narratives that have been used to justify the Reset agenda, starting with Global Warming.  I hope you find it interesting.  I am on a panel after this talk also. 


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Chris Jonsson
Chris Jonsson
3 months ago

I have tried several times to find the whole program and navigate it on this site. All I get is pretty music that I can’t get past. Solari was the same yesterday. I found 2 hours of talks here but no more.

Jennifer Walters
Jennifer Walters
3 months ago

Dr Nass you did a wonderful job! So much mind blowing information packed into your lectures.Thank you, I am sharing it everywhere!

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