How you can receive early effective treatment for Covid

US Doctor groups willing to treat Covid patients with appropriate medications:

1.  Dr. Zev Zelenko’s new website. He pioneered HCQ treatments in the US:

2.  Dr Peter McCullough et al’s protocol–please scroll down to the gray area to click on a small spot to download the full text

3.  version 7 of iMASK protocol

4. (Wonderful collection of information on protocols and a list of doctors’ groups who treat patients using these protocols, includes several I am not familiar with)




List of Independent Practices:

List #2 Independent Practices:

List #3 “Directory of Doctors Prescribing Outpatient COVID-19 Therapy”:

FLCCC Alliance:

Arnot Health & Lake Erie College of Medicine (upstate NY):

Bethany Medical (North Carolina):

Budesonide Protocol Practices:

For those who have found a  doctor that has prescribed HCQ but their pharmacy will not fulfill the early treatment prescription – it can be overnighted by – Ravkoo Pharmacy Phone: 863-875-5700

Jane Orient’s group Doctors for Disaster Preparedness discusses other potential OTC remedies.

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2 years ago

A great article in The Epoch Times today

"Trump Says US COVID-19 Deaths ‘Far Exaggerated,’ Blames CDC for Bad Statistics", By GQ Pan, January 3, 2021

Olga Shannon
Olga Shannon
1 year ago

Ravkoo pharmacy no longer fills prescriptions.

1 year ago

Is it there any Doctors in Sydney willing to follow these protocols? I am extremely worried….

Andi Hofman
Andi Hofman
1 year ago
Reply to  Josie

Do not worry, do something. Early. Earlier. If you do not know if infected, the consequence is to do something preventive.

You only need to know:
– virus,
hulled (vulnerable as long as not reproducing inside viable cell),
respiratory (starts and lands in throat (4/5), mouth(1/5), nose or lungs only 1%.

You can use common cold nasal sprays:
“4x/d breathing in a bit to nose AND mouth to throat”
– caring and protecting the mucosa, and having antiviral effect

– iota-carrageen ( : Canada; for DIY: 0,13% iota-carrageenan nad 0,4% saltwater or without salt: add 0,3% low acyl gellan as stay-on, stir in cool without salt, powder has to be sterile, use with sprays with sterile filter) or
– xlear/xylimed (for DIY: 11% xylitol and bit grape seed extract).
– Taffix (low pH 3,5) and Sanotize (NO)
– probably NaHCO3 (baking soda) will also work, can not proof it. THE trial I like most used etching NaOH in low concentration unknown pH. 2.5ml with no concentration in trial. I asked them. See

These nasal sprays do not make dependent and are long-term applicable.

Combine in vulnerable (persons, times, moments) with a pre-spray with CPM (2x/d) or azelastine (3x/d) anti-allergic spray.

If you are not rich or do not want to test your discipline 4x/day, but rather 2nd to 3rd day, I offer this prevention protocol by Prof. Klaus-Dieter Zastrow,, with PVP-I (for EU, see names of brands here in a medicinal price comparison service: :
“2-3x/week before sleeping, use 1ml 75mg/ml PVP-I mouthwash solution to mouth, add 1-2ml water, and gargle first 40secs. in mouth, then 40secs. in throat.
If infected, symptoms, or test, gargle 7x/day.
Spit out well and do not swallow, low on iodine patients shall spit out 2x.”
Since a 100ml flask Braun* costs 3€, and lasts for a year or so, it is affordable.

It works with every radical based disinfection, as the radicals alone do not harm our biome (o yes, they diminish it, but is grows up again undistorted, which organic disinfectant molecules do not do), without resistances, if used in approved concentration for mouthwash,
* I : like PVP-I: 75mg/ml, i.e. I:<7,5mg/ml, but thin 1:2 with water in mouth, or
* Cl: in ClO2 (gas, solved in water, stabilized mostly) Cl <320ppm ie HClO < 800ppm or, least spread, but best:
* O: <100ppm in ClO2 (being the one with the highest safety profile, e.g. see or or in dental research: where stem cell viability is superior: )

Be aware that just to prevent us from doing prevention, a trial on PVP-I in early therapy was done that is totally overdosing by ?4x/day using ointment in the nostrils, which is 100% swallowed! (
But since it is in practice for 50years, doctors know ho to handle it, and by not swallowing everything is OK. Use alternatives above for people that can not help swallowing. Especially for the therapy, which is 7x/day.

This overdosing is similar method of drawing working things in the mud as done in HCQ (overdosing) or Ivermectin (underdosing, and given on empty stomach, where it is not resorbed as well. If you are in such a trial, take it with a bit of glycerine, 2-3x resorption!)
Or leaving out the sour or alkali part in granny’s flu gargling trick.
Truth: it works, 8x hospital reduction, saline + alkalic nasal irrigation:

(The LIE: WHO: saline doesn’t work. OK, they left out the sour or alkalic part! But even then, I would guess, it does a 2x or 3x reduction just due to flushing and moinstening, so nothing is not true anyways: just watch out how working recipes are distorted in fact checking sites in the future more carefully ;;) We have to check the fact checkers for omissions that are equally law-breaking fraudulent as telling outright lies.

(alternatively, we have plasma liquid mouthwash solution (and spray), HClO <0,8% = 800ppm, efficient, but not affordable;
I can not recommend DIY, but it is something a refugees camp could do with NaCl water electrolysis in a (pool chlorine generator, they use Titanium-Ruthetium electrodes, but it would be better if a company knowledgeable in disinfection production could do an industrial controlled process built for the higher concentrations needed compared to pool. There are 20€ small scale producing electrolysis devices, but I do not know which concentration the can reach and if it is a reproducible and pure quality. But you can measure, with pool cuvettes or electronic devices. You have to calibrate in an environmental lab. If measuring range is too small, you have to pre-thin before measuring. E.g.: ready to be bought PlasmaLiquid mouthwash has “<0,08% HClO”, i.e. <320ppm Cl, but pool is rather 0.8-1.2 ppm Cl, so thin to be in the mid of the range of your cuvette or electronic DPD meter, they normally have 0..2,5ppm. Or buys test stripes for disinfectants, they offer fitting range, but less precision. See as an example, adjust to <320ppm for mouthwash solution.)
(best would be ClO2, as it diffuses best insides the layers of the derma of the mucosa, to inactivate all trojan virus freight in the cell staple that get infectious amounts out only upon dissolving on the surface of the mucosa after 5-6days, so in effect with small radical disinfectants, you can reset the incubation period. To be on the safe side, 2-3x/week.
For ClO2, the recommendations and readily sold mouthwash solutions are really low concentrated. I estimated, I would need some 100ppm free O or 300ppm ClO to reach the same effect as 800ppm HClO. You can try therabreaths drops, if applied as ordered, it yields only 6ppm. If not, it gets expensive.

Publication: R-value modulates 20% linearly with Pollen concentration:
news:, paper: .
Deduce: other influences your mucosa is suffering or strengthening from.
suffering: mold, smoke, allergens, fine dust (diesel soot+pollen very bad)
dry air, mold in air humidifiers, perhaps even high CO2 for children.
stress, sleeplessness, food reactions in GI reflect in mucosa of upper airways.
Anit-diet: Sugar (one stated 1TS reduces immune system of child for 1 day to half. OK, I assume prevalent persons like IBS etc.)
Try mediterrane diet by ernährungsdocs. run it through gTrans.,mittelmeerkost102.html

There is so much more I could tell, but who wants to read long articles 😉

Keep well!


1 year ago
Reply to  Andi Hofman

What about Dr Levy’s suggestion of hydrogen peroxide dilution in nebuliser.

Paullette Henry
Paullette Henry
1 year ago

Are there any doctors in the United Kingdom following these principles?

Richard W Michaud
Richard W Michaud
1 year ago

My doctor refuses to prescribe ivermectin. He said it is against hospital protocol. If I call Dr. Nass will she give me a prescription. I found a pharmacy that still has ivermectin but I need a script. Please email me. Thank you.