I was told that the person filing this complaint against me used to hang around the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in Portland , Maine and I have been told he was believed to be an “agent”

Which, if true, suggests that taxpayer money was spent to initiate an investigation on me.  The complainant used precise and proper legal language.  Note also that Mr. Demetriou claimed he personally transcribed one of my interviews in order to provide a transcript to the Board.  Which suggests an extreme degree of interest in prosecuting me.  Note also that he has never met me or any of my patients.  His complaint relates only to watching an interview online.–Meryl

Board of Licensure in Medicine

DATE: DECEMBER 28, 2021 

CC: CR21-191

Renewal Pending: No (04/30/2023) 
First Licensure: 08/22/1997
License Specialty: Internal Medicine

The following is intended to provide members of the Board a clear understanding of the
complaint from the complainant’s perspective, as articulated by the complainant. While
this is a complete statement of the complainant’s concerns it is not necessarily a complete
listing of issues that may concern this Board. I do not wish to focus members’ attention
on the following issues at the expense of others that may appear upon their review.

Mr. Stephen Demetriou’s Complaint: 

1. Dr. Meryl Nass engaged in unprofessional conduct by publicly disseminating
misinformation related to the COVID-19 pandemic, which may endanger the
public. The complainant, Mr. Stephen Demetrious is not a patient of Dr. Nass. 

2. Dr. Nass runs a publicly available website and participated in an interview that
was posted to BitChute in which she shares misleading and concerning conspiracy
theories and nonscience based beliefs related to COVID-19. 

Dr. Meryl Nass’ Response:
1. Dr. Nass failed to formally address the concerns in the complaint submitted by
Mr. Demetriou.

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Gary Weglarz
Gary Weglarz
8 months ago

The recent book “States of Emergency,” (see Ed Curtain’s review linked below) provides a very detailed, well documented and convincing examination of the coordination between global oligarchy and it’s minions (right down to the stooges and provocateurs working for the FBI, etc.) in their efforts to impose our new totalitarian “normal.” I’d reached this conclusion long before this book came out, but it brilliantly outlines the contours of the monolith we are facing. That you were likely targeted Dr. Nass by a government stooge rather than a fellow medical professional makes perfect sense given the coordination needed to impose these criminal practices. I think you’ve come across some very important information with this revelation.


8 months ago

Seems as though he takes great pride in writing complaints against medical professionals he doesn’t personally know or consult. Agent? Maybe, interesting history at Idexx with vaccines and later received a severance early retirement and became a professional photog. Lives in a million dollar home in Windham with his wife, so they must be doing well. Was spotlighted by the press herald as an occupy supporter who railed against government overreach but is now transcribing youtube videos to get MDs licenses suspended over “misinformation” and “conspiracies”? Doesn’t smell right. Not much on this guy on the web from what I can see. Has linkdin and twitter. What a POS

Natalie Riehl
Natalie Riehl
8 months ago

Meryl – It’s totally believable that Demetriou was paid to play this role. I doubt he even wrote the “complaint” himself! He’s another paid-off tool for the soulless automatons carrying out the totalitarian takeover by the globalist parasite class. In 2010, I spoke with a (alternative practitioner) chiropractor, a thyroid medication advocate, who had been framed by a woman “patient,” who turned out to be a paid-off plant. He was forced to move to another state. He saw the vast corruption of the AMA state medical boards at that time!

Last edited 8 months ago by Natalie Riehl
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