In this incredibly important 60 min. video, mRNA vaccine inventor Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Brett Weinstein and Steve Kirsch describe the regulatory mess made of Covid vaccines, suppression of information, hiding of adverse events

The reasons I am tremendously excited about what this 60 minute video has to offer:

1.  It is totally accurate while it gets down into the weeds about what the data that were presented to FDA and its sister agencies in Europe and Japan show and don’t show.  Much of the information comes from a Japanese government release.  FDA hid this information.

2.  There was no evaluation of reproductive toxicity or genotoxicity in animals before the mRNA vaccines were authorized for humans.  Then CDC recommended them for pregnant women, feeling humans could serve as the lab rats for this experiment.

3.  The vaccine was not injected into animals to see where it went.  Instead, studies (most likely done long before the pandemic) using only 2 of the 4 lipid nanoparticle components, and no mRNA at all, were presented to regulators.  The LNP particles went everywhere in the body, but were found in especially high concentrations in the animals’ ovaries.

4.  The mRNA component was not injected into animals in experiments.  Instead, data on some other mRNA, designed for a completely different experimental vaccine (presumably from an experiment that preceded the pandemic) was supplied to regulators.

5.  Fauci was apparently right:  the experimental vaccines were injected into humans before they were tested in animals.  This is against the law, as I understand it.

6.  People like me with some knowledge of the US regulatory system appreciate the detail, and Malone’s pointing out the multiple anomalies in the federal processes that preceded vaccine authorization.

7.  The men in the video tell us what we know, what we should know, what is being withheld.

8.  The men in the video are very smart and very good at what they do.  And all three risked their careers or businesses to share this information.

9.  I think that the most provaccine intellectuals will have an impossible time refuting anything in this video.  So please lead them to this water, and make them drink.  It is 60 minutes long. I think if they only agree to watch half, they will be hooked enough to finish.

10.  I hope this helps families come together on this issue, realizing that those desperate for vaccination have a point, and those opposed have at least an equal point–especially where children, who cannot give informed consent to be vaccinated, are concerned.

Here is the video, in 3 locations:

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