It’s clear it came from a lab. The only question is whether it was a leak or an intentional release. New DRASTIC document release.

I have been remiss by not reporting much on the significant leak of data that was shared with the DRASTIC team, and written about elsewhere.  I just didn’t (and don’t) have time to review a lot of it, but it is very important material.

Here is a link to the collection:

Below is a link to an unfunded proposal to DARPA by EcoHealth Alliance.  Remember:

a) EHA and collaborators in 31 countries are the prime collectors of dangerous viruses, sharing them with “Biodefense” organizations in an unknown number of countries,

b) they are a $ pass-through organization to give Fauci etc. cover when he wants to fund research he should not be funding at WIV and elsewhere, and

c) they masquerade as an ecology charity.

Important new pieces of information are the deliberate, explicit creation of human pathogens via passage in humanized mice; the idea of spraying a “vaccine” into bats; and the clear performance of GOF research, which did not go through the GOF committee at HHS and is arguably banned by the Biological Weapons Convention.

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