Ivermectin–now the compounding pharmacy is putting people on a long wait list


Meanwhile, Pfizer is trialling a drug which works just like the protease inhibitor action of ivermectin.

But my patients are having a hard time accessing ivermectin.  Now the compoounding pharmacy cannot get it.  Who is stopping the distributors from passing the drug on to the pharmacies?  Why are people taking this suppression lying down?  You are being denied life-saving drugs.  This is a really good reason to march on Washington, circle the capitol, burn effigies of Fauci.  Camp out at your Senators’ and Reps’ offices.  This disaster is hitting everyone, rich and poor.  Only we can stop it.  I hear daily of relatives dying in hospitals, untreated except for oxygen.  This is insane.

None of the criminals has been held accountable yet.  It is past time the faux doctors in DC had to face the music.  It is their machinations that are behind this.

And then our President Biden needs to be given a mental status exam.  Can he subtract seven from 100?  He is a puppet, barely propped up, barely able to read a teleprompter.  He needs to go.  And then what?  I guess it is time to see how the widely despised Kamala will perform.

Another frustrating end to the day when my Covid patients cannot get the drugs they desperately need.

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