Judge to hear campaigner’s plea for inquest into Dr Kelly’s controversial death/ Mail

From the Daily Mail:

A retired surgeon campaigning for a full coroner’s inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly will have his case heard by a High Court judge  on Monday (December 20).

David Halpin, 71, is seeking permission to challenge the Government’s decision in June not to order a coroner’s inquest into the controversial death…

Mr Halpin, a former trauma surgeon from Newton Abbot in Devon, said: ‘More than 800 members of the public worldwide, hundreds of them Daily Mail readers, have given about £40,000 to cover legal fees associated with this case. I am enormously grateful…

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10 years ago

Bad news I'm afraid. I suppose I was a fool to expect anything else.



10 years ago

Very good for BBC. All an inquest could do is confirm suicide result and show that he was distressed because the BBC miscast him as believing (his belief) that there were no WMds. He only challenge "40 minute" issue which BBC made into anti-war/anti-WMD statement. M. Kelly is another scientist who thought he could play the leak game. Fail.

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