My 4 recent interviews: the Fauci emails with Bobby Kennedy, and the Children’s Health Defense FDA petition to stop Covid vaccine approval and revoke authorization

June 3:  Bobby Kennedy interviewed me on the Fauci email revelations and their stunning implications

May 28:  Kristina Borjesson interviewed me regarding the criminal behaviors of federal agencies laid out in the FDA petition.  Please do read and comment here if you agree!

May 27:  Kevin Barrett interviewed me about the petition

May 25:  Steve Bhaerman interviewed me about the petition

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1 year ago

Your commitment to truth and real care for people comes through. Hard hitting interview with Kennedy. You continue to be believable because you're considered, deliberate.

1 year ago

Has the Lancet retracted the March 07, 2020 paper?
Is there a push to do so?
Seems The Lancet has quite a bit of egg on it's face over this and the HCQ studies that they also had to retract.
I wonder what other scientific misconduct have they perpetrated?

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