Perspectives on the Pandemic. Episode 7, Sam Husseini

I have worked with investigative reporter Sam Husseini to help with background information on biodefense, biological warfare, lab escapes. Sam was featured in this 1 hour documentary about gain of function research, biolabs, and the origin of SARS-CoV-2. He provides a profound and detailed discussion of these subjects in this extremely worthwhile film, made by John Kirby.

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2 years ago

Tanzania PRESIDENT JOHN MAGUFULI: (Speaking Swahili).

PERALTA: He said he had samples taken from a goat and a sheep and a bird and a papaya and had them labeled with human names. They were sent to Tanzania's National Laboratory.

PERALTA: The papaya and others tested positive, he claimed – proof his labs were falsifying positive test results to sabotage Tanzania. He went on to say that he had ordered an herbal cure being pushed by the president of Madagascar.

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