Peter Breggin has supplied extensive legal documents on the challenge to Ohio’s restrictive measures on Covid

Peter Breggin and his wife Ginger have amassed a library of materials on many aspects of Covid.  They were among the first to notice the questionable origin of the virus, and collected academic papers showing how aspects of the current Coronavirus had been created in labs around the world, often with funding from the US government, but also funded by the EU, Australia, China and others.

Last week he and a group of lawyers filed a huge brief in Ohio on the HCQ restrictions, and challenged a series of other emergency measures applied in Ohio. Below is this collection.

Dr. Breggin’s COVID-19 Totalitarianism Legal Report

For Case to Stop Emergency Declaration In Ohio and Elsewhere
Please try the below links a second time if the first try does not work

and if you go to his home page, or his coronavirus resource page, you will fined many more documents of interest.
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