Roughly 500,000 Americans, who were not previous users, got HCQ scripts in March and April–at the time 1 M cases were diagnosed

The CDC has just released information, in its MMWR Weekly Report, on the prescribing of hydroxychloroquine in March and April in the US.

Approximately 500,000 prescriptions dispensed by retail pharmacies were “new,” or dispensed to persons who had not received a previous prescription of the medication in the prior 12 months. These are presumed to have been in response to Covid-19.

By April 30, there were 1,075,000 confirmed or probable Covid cases in the US.

CDC’s report has not examined how many of those receiving HCQ also tested positive for Covid. 

Nonetheless, it appears that a considerable number of Americans and their physicians saw value in using the drug to prevent or treat Covid, especially compared to the number of total known cases.  Where are their voices now?  Did the medication help?  Hurt?  

The rest of the country is dying to know.

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2 years ago

I sure would like to know how many of these prescriptions were for doctors and their families. Also how many were politicians in the know. Can you please watch this interview with David Marin and review the information. In sure you will have a very strong opinion on this. Thank you very much.

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