Safe and Effective? What the smallpox vaccine can teach us.

The article below is a long, detailed read, but will give you an excellent understanding of how to currently interpret information from CDC and other official sources on vaccine safety.

With the reveal that the objectivity of the CDC (and US HHS) has become both politicized by the executive branch and compromised by the pharmaceutical industry, we have to come to terms with living in a world in which we can no longer take governmental public health pronouncements as gospel truth. Those of us who are thinking for ourselves (and our children) now need to make personal assessments and decisions about COVID-19 vaccines, and then booster vaccination, and then boosters again. As we all assess the advice of HHS, CDC, NIAID, Dr. Fauci, White House Advisor Dr. Francis Collins, the Surgeon General, the FDA, and of course Pfizer, let’s briefly revisit what many consider to be history’s most effective vaccine: the smallpox vaccine produced from variola.

Smallpox kills, and it has been eradicated from the world by use of a highly effective vaccine (with the exception of samples stored in various freezers). It was (is?) a far more serious threat than SARS-CoV-2, in terms of death and disease. In order to understand the science behind vaccines, one must understand the strategies behind vaccination campaigns, and the smallpox vaccines provide a great case study…

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8 months ago

it was commented to Malone on his substack that the research sowd that smallpox was not eradicated by a vaccine. Here is one such comment:

Of course, the smallpox vaccine didn't lead to the eradication of smallpox, and in fact led to repeated outbreaks of it. In a remarkable precursor to our times, the 19th Century British government mandated it, which led to a mass anti-vaxxer movement, particularly in Leicester, where protests and riots meant that the mandate couldn't be enforced – instead, sanitation and quarantine of the sick (not the healthy), the so-called "Leicester method" resulted in an effectively zero death rate there. Unfortunately, it took a while for the rest of the country, who were still "following the science" to catch up. For anyone interested, there's lots more detail here.

I read this years ago when Bush was trying to mandate the smallpox vaccine for all Americans when the Iraqi war was going to happen:

Dr. Mack's presentation to the CDC June 19-20, 2002.

When it come to vaccines, it's hard to believe that someone is not following the science.

8 months ago

Since there is now apparent strong, new, medical evidence: that blood samples showing SARS-CoV-2 — from at least far back as September 2019 in France and Italy — means the Unz theory has to be called into question; and at least revamped in a manifold direction.

The Unz theory is premised on release of SARS-CoV-2 during the China ‘mock military’ games. Sometime in October. On purpose, by rogue elements in likely personage of Pompeo/Bolton and assorted other Armageddon Boys.

Stanford’s Dr. Jay Bhattacharya recently commented on this new data and its significance of the September 2019 blood samples with SarsCov2, as well.

Supporting documents can be found at

The USMC Major Joseph Murphy thesis has been: an Eco-Health/Peter Dsazack $14M NIAID/Fauci granted project resulted in a live, unattenuated, Bat Vaccine — that escaped in August 2019; and its spike protein resulted in most of the harm–as this bat vaccine, so-called SARSd-CoV-WIV.

This program was not shut down until April 2020, for reasons I have yet to discover, according to the Major in leaked Project Veritas documents in possession of a US Senator.

Murphy reported this information in August 2021 to military Inspector General, in context of urging military “TO ABORT” mRNA vaxxing of the troops, which nonetheless occurred beginning last fall. The abort, due to the fact vac would not solve anything and only cause injury, harm and death, including playing havoc with women’s reproductive systems, heart disease, permanent disability, death, etc.

This live, unattenuated bat vaccines Ecohealth/Daszack had aerosolized; and the plans according to documents in possession of Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, included testing these aerozolized bat vaccines at bat caves in Wisconsin, California and China.

The documents do not specify where exactly live corona bat vaccines escape[s] happened, to best of my knowledge.

Make of it what you will.


8 months ago

speaking of vaccine safety, here's a recap of the latest estimates and analysis of excess mortalities globally recapped by John Campbell w/ the Lancet paper and datasets linked below his video.

This data shows 18MM additional deaths during the period under analysis w/ 6MM attributable to COVID and 12MM arising from other causes. The question is – how many of those 12MM deaths were attributable to the COVID response.

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