Senator Ron Johnson tells FOX they still do not have the licensed Comirnaty in the US.

Please don’t roll over and hurt yourself.  Go to a clinic where the Pfizer vaccine is offered.  If it does not say Comirnaty on the label, it is EXPERIMENTAL according to US law and you don’t have to take it.  Take a photo of the vaccine you are being offered and make sure there is a date stamp.  This is evidence you can use to dispute the mandate.

I understand you may lose your job.  I understand the enormous pressure being placed on people to risk their health for their job.  I too may lose my practice.

But if we all refuse, we will win this.  If we cave in, we will lose it.

Here Ron Johnson explains the bait and switch pulled on us by the FDA.  (You heard about it here first.)

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Claudia Chaufan
Claudia Chaufan
1 year ago

Thank you for this info! And I hope we can hang in and refuse en masse!

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