The COUP appears to have failed, while all the apparatchiks are still in place. A preliminary proposal to fix the mess.

I’ll assume you have been reading my blog and agree with me that an attempt at gaining world domination is at this very moment failing.  

It required a deadly pandemic, vaccines that actually worked, and the ability to snooker billions of people into believing that the responses of the government were logical, beneficial and well-intentioned.

It required keeping people separated from each other, communicating primarily via easily surveilled devices.

It required keeping people frightened and distrustful of one another.

It required loosening or destroying the bonds between family members.

It required uniform messaging by virtually all mass media.

It required making doctors and patients distrust one another, while yet submitting to government-enforced medical edicts, denying us the ability to act within any normal doctor-patient relationship.

It required a profound fear of death and loss, enough to supercede our normal instincts regarding loyalty, interpersonal relationships and friendship.

It required massive carrots and sticks to enforce a uniform narrative, against all data (most of which was persistently rigged) and the surrender of common sense.

The carrots came mostly in the form of taxpayer dollars.  In the US, $trillions have been spent since the start of the pandemic to enforce government lockdown edits, masks, distancing, vaccinations… The list could go on and on.

No doubt plenty was spent before the pandemic as the chess pieces (crooks) were moved into place to get ready for the coup, under the guise of a medical emergency.

Fauci was already there.  He moved Walensky in to control CDC.  Janet Woodcock was made acting FDA Commissioner, and FDA sat without a a Presidentially-appointed Commissioner for an entire year.  Presumably the coup leaders had no one else who could be trusted to ruthlessly carry out every needed act.  Such FDA acts included issuing and then revoking EUAs to confuse the public over HCQ; doing a bait and switch with a Comirnaty license; then suing to prevent release of the licensing data, which no doubt failed to justify an EUA, let alone a license.

Here is one reasonable proposal for a way forward.  Trillions were doled out to industry, schools, federal agencies, media etc. to get them to fall in line and do whatever was required.

These were federal contracts.  We have the contracts.  Simply require every entity that got paid off to give the money back to the federal treasury. Or, they can keep some of it if they clean up their act.  Can’t pay it back?  Ever heard of debtors’ prison?

Bring in Catherine Austin Fitts as overseer to stop the flow of funds to the criminal coups members and make sure it remains accountable to the people, rather than accessible to the Bankers.

The Fed and all its member banks will need an immediate audit.  Their role in managing federal monies must end. Private companies that manage federal accounts will also need to be immediately audited, and their functions brought back under federal control. Every entity doing business with the federal or state government must become wholly accountable (subject to FOIA etc.) and their business made transparent.  Fort Knox needs an audit.  Can the paybacks be made in precious metals and stored there?

Will media figure out how to stop lying and fearmongering?  I think they could solve that in a heartbeat if it meant they did not have to return all the money. 

What about schools?  Could they ditch bogus curricula, mask mandates, plexiglass, vaccine mandates, testing…if the alternative was returning $190 billion dollars to the federal treasury?  

Emergency rules at the state level:  rescind them immediately or return the federal grants to states and state agencies. Give the states a choice.  

Remove the chief medical officers of every hospital and state agency, every state CDC, and HHS Department.  All federal executive agencies. Have the deputies take over immediately.  Pay the former agency heads their prior salary if they take on their new role:  documenting all the methods by which martial law was imposed.  Later they can go through a truth and reconciliation process.  Based on South Africa’s example, if they fully spill the beans, they are pardoned.  If not, they stand trial for their crimes.  The deputies must also spill their beans, btw.

Honesty, kindness and consideration for one’s fellow man will become the new norms that are praised by society.  Greed will not be seen as something to aspire to, and the tax structure will disincentivize greed.  Under JFK, those paying the highest marginal tax rate had to part with 91% of their top earnings.  We can do that again; why not?  The tax structure is what allowed the Gateses and Bezoses and their ilk to amass the ill-gotten gains.  The tax structure can also take away.

Antitrust prosecutions will be undertaken unless large corporations break themselves up in an approved manner.

We can do this.  Let’s just be creative and fair.  There are plenty of models around to draw ideas from.  Let’s move carefully and deliberately back from the abyss.

And paper ballots, with identifiable markings and no scans or electrified ballots, will be all that is acceptable, with video cameras documenting the vote counts.  Votes cannot be moved around–they will be counted where they are cast.  Absentee ballots will require a visit to a public office with ID, preceding the date of any election. 

Courts will be established to review initial information re corruption very quickly on members of Congress and other critical figures; if there is reasonable evidence of malfeasance, they will have to take a leave from office while the evidence is weighed.

UPDATE.  More thoughts.

Shut down all the BSL 3 and 4 labs and secure their contents before any more deadly pandemics “leak” out.  Put competent biologists in charge of each to establish what they contain and what the scientific goals of its researchers were.

Want to solve climate change?  It can be done with the stroke of a pen.  Change tariffs.  Add a 20% extra tax to every item coming into the US from overseas.   If that doesn’t solve it, make it 30%.  Once it becomes more economic to make things in your own country, you put your own people back to work.  You reduce all the tankers and airplanes carrying freight halfway across the world.

Add an additional tariff on every item that is not expected to last under normal use for 5 years. Disposable-after-one-use items will have a 100% tariff placed on them.  That should get rid of planned obsolescence.  Double fees for garbage disposal.  Recycling will become economic again.

UPDATE.  Here is how Big Pharma fell in line.

Right now we have a crooked Justice Department that only wants to obtain fines and has made these fines the cost of doing business–no CEOs go to jail.

Well, once upon a time a few did go to jail, and the rest immediately caved.  Here is what you do.  The AG of Florida, for example, could begin charging corporations headquartered there with crimes, and fail to offer bail to CEOs, CFOs.  You stay in jail until you are found innocent or guilty.  These CEOs aren’t Martha Stewart.  No backbone.  I think they will spill the beans, and fast.

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1 year ago

From where I sit it seems premature to mark the coup as a failure. All the key players are still in place, still doubling down. The media is still spinning the narrative as fervently as ever. Here in Oregon the state is proposing to make the edicts concerning masks and injections *permanent*! Maybe "they" didn't get quite as far along with their global agenda — with their passports and other digital imprisonments — as they hoped. This time. But they entrenched and enshrined their authoritarianism virtually without bounds. And they are not about to go gently into that good night now.

1 year ago

I think we should disband the FDA and get rid of medical licensing. One thing we've seen is that these groups can ignore the law – I think you and RFK Jr. have repeatedly pointed out where we give them power based on them following certain rules and "safeguards", but then they simply do what they want.

Regarding licensing of doctors, people worry that vulnerable and uniformed people will follow quack advice. That is already happening with the licensed ones – look at how many support the shots, even if you have natural immunity.

1 year ago

Whilst I think the end is still years away, I’d like to thank Dr. Meryl Nass for putting forward a coherent counter plan. To succeed at anything (especially against adversaries with unlimited resources), a vision of a better tomorrow with a firm plan to follow is essential.

Oh. I just love the bit about jail time too.

An aside: I feel sure that many that read this blog are already very busy beavering away doing what they can to end this in anyway they know how. Meryl Nass suggests “Add an additional tariff on every item that is not expected to last under normal use for 5 years.” What I would add on to that is the right to repair our things when they go wrong. That means being able to get spares or take them to a repair shop, rather than having to throw them away or have a major and expensive ‘non repairable’ part replaced. Applies to not just iPhones and other consumer products but operating tables. An operating table cost appox $25,000 but for sake of the table’s manufactures refusing to sell their own non-standard-designed $500 replacement motor, the whole table has to be replaced. Anyone who is feed up with this can learn from ‘Right To Repair’ campaigner Louis Rossmann. This one of his many videos explaining how.

1 year ago

Sad to say that I have to agree with Anonymous #1. We are winning some battles, but the tyranny is nowhere near over. Dr. Chris Martenson recently said (not sure if this is verbatim, but it's close) "The narrative is crumbling, but the agenda rolls on."

I'm not on social media, but today my husband showed me some incredibly hateful Facebook posts from "liberals" — hating on "the unvaccinated," truckers who joined the convoy in Canada, Joe Rogan, other people who want to preserve American freedoms, and so on.

It ain't over until it's really over and we find out what freedoms we have left. We cannot and must not let our guard down.

1 year ago

❤️ Huge crush on Dr. Nass 😍

Tom Reeves
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Ditto! Well done Dr Meryl. Much love to you from A Mainiac residing now in Florida❤

1 year ago

Meryl, this is marvelous. In one glorious outpouring of how to appeal to our better instincts and set thingd right. Thank you. It just made me cry with feeling how close we are to this longed for tipping point.

1 year ago

The legal strategy is clear. You begin with malpractice suits against snaller PCPs for failure to treat early in order to get the early treatment facts in evidence. Some will settle quickly and the settlement funds will be used to pay for legal and court costs where the suits go to trial. This will bring in funding for a RICO suit against pharma and its subcontractors, social media, CDC, NIH, FDA, where you will need massive discovery resources.

Melissa Martin, Ph.D., LPCC-S
Melissa Martin, Ph.D., LPCC-S
11 months ago

Will Biden flip the internet “kill switch?”

Controlling access to information is a way of controlling the people. Using the guise of pandemic misinformation is just another tactic to wield power over the population. 

The Cybersecurity Act of 2015 was signed by Barack Obama; an order outlining emergency Internet control. Visit This executive order addressed how the USA deals with the Internet during natural disasters and security emergencies. But the power for misuse by a rogue leader is terrifying. So, can a US president use an internet “kill switch” by claiming a bogus cyberattack to punish or control citizens? 

“The pandemic has exacerbated a global clampdown on free expression. In at least 45 of the 65 countries covered by Freedom on the Net, activists, journalists, or ordinary members of the public were arrested or criminally charged for online speech related to COVID-19.” 

Freedom House assesses the level of internet freedom in 65 countries around the world, examining issues including connectivity, blocking and filtering, and users’ risk of arrest or assault in reprisal for their online activity. 

The United States is not listed as one of the 45 countries by Freedom House. Perhaps the adding of America will be next. Thenceforth, will US citizens stand up against censorship and the loss of freedom to choose to be vaccinated for federal healthcare employees?

“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” ― Carl Sagan