The effects don’t “start” wearing off after 10 weeks; instead they fall gradually to an unacceptable level around 10 weeks/ Daily Mail

Expect to get ever briefer benefit from all the shots they have planned for you.

Who ever heard of boosters every three months?  Do you want to become a member of the pin-cushion society?  No long-term data.  

Q:  Why are we allowing this experiment on everybody, all at once?

A:  To get ahead of the adverse event reports of course

Millions set for early FOURTH jab after it emerges booster effect starts wearing off after just 10 weeks: But major study finds Omicron is 70% less likely to cause hospitalisation as daily cases hit record 119,789 (and the article says 80% toward the bottom)

  • Protection against Omicron can wane to 35 per cent ten weeks after a Pfizer jab, new data has revealed
  • It has sparked further calls for a second round of boosters to ward off surge in cases among vaccinated
  • Nearly 120,000 Covid cases reported in 24 hours, highest since pandemic began and up 35% week on week
  • People infected with the contagious variant are 70 per cent less likely to end up in hospital, study shows 
  • Hospital admissions hit four figures amid concern about mounting pressure on the NHS from Omicron strain 
  • The Covid surge in South Africa appears to be fading after just a month, in a promising sign that Britain’s wave could be short-lived.a
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11 months ago

Merry Christmas Dr. Nass! And thank you for all you work to keep us informed of the truth.

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