The psychological warfare conducted on the population is finally getting more serious attention.

I previously mentioned the book by Laura Dodsworth,  A State of Fear:  How the UK government weaponized fear during the COVID pandemic.  It came out last May.  I drew from it in a couple of talks I have given.  Dodsworth revealed the SAGE subcommittee aptly named SPI-B, which gave the UK government advice on how to gain citizen compliance.

Two recent substack posts are worth reading.

Igor Chudov begins his series on the psychological manipulation used on us during the “COVID crisis.”  One of his former professors helped design the manipulation.

And Naked Emperor discussed a Yale study which provided much of the psychological warfare material used to nudge us all into submission.  He concludes:

You may have naively believed that the fear, pressure and psychological toll of the pandemic caused your friends, family or colleagues to act in an unrecognisable way but it was all carefully planned. They conducted a study (and I’m sure this wasn’t the only one) to see which pressure points would work best on different parts of the population and then carefully released mountains of propaganda (funded by you) to turn your friends and family against you. This nudging was all done to get you to take a vaccine you decided you didn’t want.

The ethics statement in the study says the experiments conducted were fielded under an exemption granted by the University. It’s not difficult to understand why. 

Whether mass vaccination was the only way out of the pandemic or not, behaviourally nudging citizens to guilt each other into taking a novel treatment was not the way a civilised society should have acted.

They wanted you to get angry in order to get vaccinated but they failed. But they wanted you to get angry, so get angry. Get angry that the population was psychologically manipulated to turn on one another. Get angry that your friends and family were nudged into parroting the phrases used in the study to make you feel guilty, stupid or embarrassed. Get angry that you were socially ostracised and de-invited from events. Get angry that your colleagues made you lose your job. And if you were one of those who tried to convince someone to get vaccinated, get angry that you were so easily manipulated.

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