Their intention is to keep you confused and off-kilter. This is not NEWS.

 Reuters, Dec. 11:

Boosters significantly restore protection vs Omicron, UK says

Reuters, Dec. 22:

‘Significant increase’ in protection vs Omicron from mRNA boosters, study says

NYT, Dec. 23

Booster protection wanes against symptomatic Omicron infections, British data suggests.

The only thing you can come away with, from these headlines, is that at least one of them is lying.  Don’t try to make sense of the news.  It doesn’t make sense.  This is a psychological operation designed to confuse you, which helps to solidify your fear.  When you are confused you are weakened. Disoriented.  Unhappy.

Spot the psyops and don’t let them get to you. 

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