Then and Now: Parallels and Lessons for COVID vaccines from the Anthrax vaccine program

In March of 2021, Dr. Simone Gold of AFLDS asked me to write weekly short articles on the parallels between the anthrax vaccine debacle twenty years earlier and the COVID vaccine debacle today, titled “Then and Now.”

AFLDS was getting itself organized, used a lot of volunteer labor, and it never got around to setting up a platform for the articles.

I thought I would post them now. There are three articles. Remember I began writing them before the COVID vaccine program was even 3 months old, more than a year ago:

The Anthrax Vaccine Program as Prelude to the Pandemic Response

1.  The Denial of Early Treatment

As the global war on terror provides the justification for a fat military budget, the risk of bioterrorism and pandemics justifies huge expenditures for civilian remedies, particularly vaccines. Since 9/11, several billion dollars yearly was spent on pandemic preparedness, even before Covid. It’s been a highly profitable business.

But vaccines only sell if there is no effective treatment.  If you can cure everyone with early treatment, why bother vaccinating?

In the 1998 case of anthrax, a bacterial disease that responds to almost every antibiotic, the federal government had to do some fancy footwork to explain why a vaccine was needed.  The Russians were accused of making antibiotic resistant variants.  Congressmembers on both sides of the aisle were lavishly funded by the anthrax vaccine manufacturer.  And they stopped complaining.

For Covid-19, the chloroquine drugs and ivermectin had to be suppressed. The NIH, FDA and CDC have incorrectly claimed the drugs are unsafe and ineffective.  Fabricated journal articles were published by the top medical journals.  The mainstream media trumpeted the anti-medication party line.  Citizens were bamboozled, lost in the details. Tagging HCQ as the “Trump drug” was a stroke of genius that caused Dems to reject it out of hand.

How could this possibly happen?  In each case, the vaccines were worth $billions.  Profit margins were high, high enough to buy the fake science and fake regulation needed. We failed to stop it with anthrax vaccine.  It has to stop now. 

 2.  INDEMNIFICATION is a dirty word

Under what circumstances could you convince pharmaceutical companies to develop, produce and distribute millions of vaccines that have barely been tested?

For manufacturers, the answer is simple.  You give them an indemnification.  It is a legal shield against liability.   The only way they could be sued would be to prove willful misconduct. So far, no one yet has managed to sue.

PHARMA demanded indemnification when it agreed to make Swine Flu vaccine, in 1976.  Guillain-Barre syndrome resulted, stopping the shots after 1/4 of the country was vaccinated.  

In 1998, the Secretary of the Army gave the anthrax vaccine manufacturer, Emergent BioSolutions, indemnification.  Which enabled the company to sell adulterated vaccines that caused thousands of injuries. Emergent got off scot-free.

All the Covid vaccines have received the same indemnification.


Under what circumstances could you coerce millions of people to be injected with an experimental vaccine that has known serious side effects and may not prevent infection?

As with the swine flu and anthrax vaccine programs, millions of dollars were spent to develop effective public relations programs.  Presidents exhorted the population to roll up their sleeves.  Generals were vaccinated on camera.

Today, 3 Covid vaccines are being manufactured by the same anthrax vaccine manufacturer, with the same immunity in place.  

Was the indemnification revealed?  Of course not.  Do Covid vaccine recipients know that over 90% of those who applied to the US government for pandemic vaccine injuries have been turned down?  Do they know they should be receiving full informed consent, but aren’t?

This isn’t the first ‘experimental use authorization’ rodeo for the vaccine manufacturers or for the DHHS, until recently led by Eli Lilly’s former president.  Unfortunately, it is their first rodeo for most of those getting the vaccines.

 3.  Then and Now:  Concealing evidence of vaccine injuries pays off, when the government must pay for the injuries

About 30% of soldiers who returned home from the Gulf War developed chronic illnesses, most often characterized by chronic pain, fatigue and cognitive impairment.  They had been exposed to a variety of toxic substances, including many vaccines.  Accurate records were hard to come by. The military classified vaccine records, presumably to avoid paying damages. Thirty years later, there still is no consensus regarding the injuries caused by anthrax and other vaccines our soldiers received.

Today, CDC uses the excuse that it simply didn’t plan well to evaluate the adverse events from Covid vaccines.  It has no program in place for systematically assessing deaths after vaccination. Over 1500 have been reported.

CDC is also having trouble obtaining reliable data on other side effects. Because most people are receiving Covid vaccines outside of their doctors’ offices, and are not billing insurance, vaccinations are not being entered into electronic medical records.  Yet it is from these databases that CDC gets its adverse event information.

As with Gulf War Syndrome, the absence of reliable data served to protect government officials while hurting vaccine recipients who were injured. 

Americans are being asked to step up and get vaccinated, but the actual risks of the vaccinations are being withheld from them. The injury compensation program has a one year statute of limitations.  It doesn’t seem that the evidence needed to establish the precise injuries caused by the vaccine will have been obtained by then.  In which case, injured vaccine recipients will be left entirely on their own.

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Karen G
Karen G
7 months ago

Thank you! Great article showing that the same playbook is being used as before. When will we learn?

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