Trump is saying/doing some great, important things, and people aren’t getting it

I don’t understand why many people are still upset about Donald Trump’s election victory. The movement to keep all things Trump stirred up is unprecedented. The only conclusion I can draw is that many Americans have gotten lost in the jungle of identity politics that was created by and for the Hillary campaign, and are unable to see the Trump woods for the trees. Don’t forget that Hillary and her team may have to face serious judicial music under Trump, and creating a post-election storm of disinfo and vitriol seems their only post-election Plan B.

Instead, forget about what Trump may have said, and look at what he is doing.  Remember the last 8 years. When you examine what Obama said while he was campaigning, it sounded wonderful, but he failed to follow through on those campaign promises. Did the media hold his feet to the fire?  Did they try to take him down with fake news?  

Remember that the candidates are acting and only telling us what they think we need to hear to elect them. The mainstream media’s focus on words, to the exclusion of deeds, is deliberate. Don’t be fooled.

Look at some big positives for Mr. Trump, positives that would have been inconceivable in a Hillary presidency.

1. Trump actually has the establishment freaked out.  The establishment has been worsening things for the 99% for a long time — and so i.m.h.o. freaking them out is a very good sign.  We don’t know where this is going to go, but the establishment hysteria has proved itself real, which tells us that Trump does intend to change things.  I say give him a chance, and I say Bravo!

2.  He is appointing billionaires to some Cabinet posts.  Well, one thing you can say about billionaires is that they have no need to steal from the rest of us. While this doesn’t mean they will be great Secretaries, it removes one strike against them that Hillary, and presumably her people, had: she used her position to steal, and had long-honed knowledge of how to do so.  (More on that below.)

3.  He says we should have lower drug prices and they should be negotiated.  Well, that’s a no brainer. Did Obama, the healthcare Prez, do anything about that?  Bernie Sanders just backed Trump up on this.  Update:  thirteen Democrats in the Senate just voted down cheaper medications.

4.  Trump says we need to look into vaccine safety.  Of course we need the safest vaccines we can get. Why would this be controversial? Only because the drug/vaccine industry has bought the media, politicians and federal agencies, do we hear it’s controversial, when it clearly is not.

How many television commercials advertise drugs?  Pharma owns TV.  How many Pharma lobbyists are there for each member of Congress?  Three: a lobbyist army to be reckoned with.

The federal government has paid out $3.5 billion dollars’ compensation for vaccine injuries. The chorus of ‘medical authorities’ who are having a cow over Trump’s questioning vaccine safety choose to ignore the facts. Where does their media-anointed ‘authority” come from, we should ask.  Are their remarks thoughtful and well-informed, or designed to shut down discussion of something important to us all, the safety of what gets injected into ourselves and our families, often as a result of government mandates. Especially when the manufacturers have no legal liability for the end product.

Vaccines are a highly diverse group of substances, and their safety and effectiveness vary considerably between products and brands; due to the age, nutritional status, and genetics of the person being inoculated; and to the integrity of the manufacturing process.  These are well-established facts. Every vaccine is relatively safe and relatively effective.  If they were all 100% safe you wouldn’t use doctors to prescribe them. Instead, you could buy them in bubble gum machines.

In fact, CDC emphasizes the importance of maintaining an “active and ongoing vaccine safety program” in its #1 vaccine reference book, the Pink Book:

The Importance of Vaccine Safety Programs
Vaccination is among the most significant public health
success stories of all time. However, like any pharmaceutical
product, no vaccine is completely safe or completely
effective. While almost all known vaccine adverse events are
minor and self-limited, some vaccines have been associated
with very rare but serious health effects.
The following 
key considerations underscore the need for an active and
ongoing vaccine safety program…” 

So much for the medical establishment being up in arms because vaccine safety needs to be watched. Everyone but the Pharma-paid media and its carefully selected shills knows it needs to be watched.  The meme that ‘investigating vaccine safety is dangerous’ is an oxymoron. Why is this called news?

5.  Trump is pissed off at the lying, war-making, fake news-spreading “intelligence” agencies and appears to want to rein them in.  For this we should be immensely grateful, as they have caused so much damage around the world and domestically — inciting wars we have no business to be in, wars in which the public has no idea why the US is involved.  Not to mention fomenting plots to terrorize at home and abroad. Pretty please, do rein them in.

6.  He wants peace with Russia, while Hillary did her best to antagonize Russia.  Hang up the nukes for the next 4 years: I say that’s a very good thing!

Obama said a lot of pretty things, but what did he do?  Got us into more wars, didn’t get us out of any. He sold us a pig in a poke ‘Affordable Care Act’ that many people (mainly those who never had to use it) were conned into thinking was a big improvement over what came before. In fact, Obamacare changed the landscape of health insurance, ushering in an era of higher copays and reduced benefits not only for beneficiaries of the A.C.A., but also for those buying commercial insurance in other markets.

What about Hillary?  Come on, we know who her constituency really is:  they ‘donated’ billions to her campaign and to her Foundation, and paid her killer fees for speeches.  The Clinton Foundation, starting to unravel, is looking like a pay-to-play scheme that led to the resignation of the New Zealand PM (some of the NZ Herald reportage is no longer accessible) and announcements by Australia and Norway that they will cease funding the Foundation.

Don’t people understand yet that her strategy to become President was to foster racial, religious, sexual orientation and gender divisiveness, and then ride in on a white horse to fix the mess she had fed and exploited?  In truth, she represented only the Business and War Party.  Her campaign relied on the politics of gender, religion, sexual orientation and race, because championing them does not cost business anything, and because it allowed her to skirt the much more threatening issue of economic injustice.

Hillary cheated Bernie out of the nomination.  Sixteen years ago, she stole White House gifts and furniture. Were those items loot from pay-to-play when Bill was in office? I suspect she collected on foreign policy decisions made when she was Secretary.  She certainly was the main cheerleader (why?) for the destruction of Libya and Syria, and bears significant responsibility for the current refugee crisis, which she says is bigger than any refugee crisis since the Second World War.

Hillary played us.  Stop being played, the election is over.  Let’s see what Mr. Trump can do.

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5 years ago

Thanks for your straightforward articles – happy to have a voice like yours in the vaccine safety movement. I learned about you on Mercola.

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