TRUTH re hospitalizations and deaths and treatment, as of today

In my state of Maine, 61% of deaths occurred in long-term care facilities. In our next-door neighbor New Hampshire, 81% of deaths occurred in these facilities.

On April 21, 2020 the United States reached the maximum number of patients hospitalized with Covid-19:  

59, 780

Only a tiny number of hospitals were overwhelmed, and by the time temporary staff arrived in several weeks to help out, the peak was over and they were not needed. 

On October 19, nearly 6 months later, we have 

37,744 hospitalized with Covid-19. This is 63%, or 5/8ths of what we had at peak.  Yet the dire warnings are back.  STAT News, a Boston Globe spin-off, is also an outlet that gets paid to plant articles.

STAT’s latest headline reads, ‘At a breaking point’ : New surge of Covid-19 cases has states, hospitals scrambling, yet again.

The truth?  The US has over 746,000 staffed hospital beds.  Covid cases are filling 5% of them. So, while there may be a hospital here or there that has more than its share of cases, all that is required is to transfer some patients, and/or redirect ambulances, and close the hospital briefly to admissions.  This is done all the time.  It started decades before anyone ever heard of SARS-1 or SARS-2.  

STAT is at it again, ginning up the fear whenever it can. We now know how to take care of these patients, unlike during the peak in April.  (See earlier posts on Dr. McCulloughDr. Zelenko’s and Dr. Marik’s protocols.). Check the statistics for yourself. 

Deaths are not skyrocketing either.  For the past week, the US has averaged 708 deaths/day, just 39% the average 1823 deaths/day, which occurred during the first week of May.

Some places never had a “first wave” and are having it now. There will probably be many bumps as first waves occur in areas that were not significantly hit earlier.  Expect them.  Treat them correctly, and there should be very few deaths and very few chronic problems.

Don’t just treat those at “high risk”–treat everybody with symptoms, to protect them from a potential chronic condition. That is the job of doctors, to treat patients using the best methods, not to march in lockstep (goosestep) with government advice.  The government’s terrible advice, the NIH Covid treatment guidelines, made remdesivir the standard of care, despite all evidence to the contrary; and said that HCQ should not be used, again defying the evidence.  The NIH Guidelines were shepherded through by Fauci’s capo (enforcer), cochair Clifford Lane, by including 16 members who had financial conflicts of interest with remdesivir’s manufacturer, Gilead. (Nine of the 16 had such conflicts but ended them before the past year, allowing them to avoid being listed on the current NIH disclosure form.) 

These “guidelines” defy reason, and have killed off lots of Americans. Are we Nazi doctors or are we real doctors?  

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