Washington Post conceals the fact that Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine is a DNA vaccine which must enter the cell nucleus to produce mRNA, and might potentially bind to our DNA

Below, I have extracted some useful info from the WaPo article regarding Merck’s entry into the manufacturing of J and J’s vaccine, and the cost to taxpayers.

Below that, I include the upper part of WaPo’s detailed graph of how the vaccine works.  But the graph failed to include the most important steps.  DNA from the viral vectored vaccine must enter the nucleus of the cell, where the nuclear machinery transcribes it into messenger RNA.  The mRNA then leaves the nucleus and is translated to spike protein. Was this done to prevent the public from noticing that DNA from this vaccine might potentially link to human DNA? Note that the word “harmless” is used twice in the graph.

Merck will help make Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine as rivals team up to help Biden accelerate shots
By  Christopher Rowland and  Laurie McGinley March 2, 2021 at 8:21 p.m. EST

“The administration will pay $268.8 million to Merck to upgrade multiple plants to the necessary safety standards to produce Johnson & Johnson vaccine, from fermentation in vats to final finish and filling in vials. The Biden administration and the companies did not disclose the number of doses Merck would produce for Johnson & Johnson…

Merck said Tuesday it would use the federal emergency money for vaccine-related upgrades as well as enhancements for production of unnamed drug treatments…

Johnson & Johnson said Merck’s involvement would permit it to go beyond the 100 million doses it has pledged to provide the United States under a $1 billion contract, but it did not provide any specifics…

The U.S. government paid the company $2 billion for development and clinical trials and preorders at a price of $10 per dose just days after it received emergency authorization from federal regulators…

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2 years ago

Yes. Leave out the DNA in the diagram!!!!

Ms batra27
Ms batra27
2 years ago

Can inhibition of reverse transcriptase enzyme work against this. Like how you recommended resveratrol for its ability to inhibit reverse transcriptase enzyme