“Watch the Water” with a Grain of Salt. Because snake venom is not what is in remdesivir bottles nor COVID vaccines.

At least ten people have asked me what I think of the Stew Peters-Brian Ardis video titled “Watch the Water.”

Many statements in this video are accurate, but some are definitely not.  The conclusions are simply illogical.  Brian Ardis is a chiropractor.  Because chiropractors are not allowed to prescribe medications, they have no training in pharmacology (drugs and vaccines).

Here is something true and interesting from the Remdesivir label:

Risk of reduced antiviral activity when coadministered with
chloroquine phosphate or hydroxychloroquine sulfate:
Coadministration of Remdesivir (VEKLURY) and chloroquine phosphate or
hydroxychloroquine sulfate is not recommended based on cell
culture data demonstrating an antagonistic effect of chloroquine on
the intracellular metabolic activation and antiviral activity of VEKLURY.

This may be yet another reason the system does not want patients to receive chloroquine drugs, because their use would be a contraindication for use of Remdesivir.

Snake venoms

Snake venoms have multiple protein toxins that do lots of bad things to creatures the snakes want to eat.  These include impairment of blood clotting, failure of neurotransmission to paralyze the prey, and even reduced heart and lung function via beta blocker activity.

As noted in one academic paper, 

Snakes are limbless predators, and many species use venom to help overpower relatively large, agile prey. Snake venoms are complex protein mixtures encoded by several multilocus gene families that function synergistically to cause incapacitation…

We identified 20 toxin families in the king cobra venom gland transcriptome (Fig. 1 and Dataset S2), including all toxin families annotated in the genome. Of the transcriptome hits, 14 toxin families were identified in the venom proteome (SI Appendix, Figs. S7–S9 and Tables S3 and S4 and Dataset S3), and nerve growth factor, phospholipase-B, and cobra venom factor have not previously been reported in king cobra venom. We also identified a unique snake venom protein, insulin-like growth factor, which we found selectively expressed in the venom gland and the venom proteome…” 

Dr. Ardis mentions paralysis of the diaphragm.  COVID doesn’t do this.  Snake venom, when enough is injected, causes you to die a quick death.  COVID doesn’t do that. In COVID, you die from the damage from spike to blood vessels, and by the excessive activation of the immune system in the wake of the viral infection.  It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks to die from COVID.  You can die quicker from COVID vaccines, or it can take longer, depending on the specific injury.

There are only so many ways to cause severe damage to people.  It is not really a surprise that there is some overlap in activity of snake venoms with other activities that kill people, nor with human proteins.

Monoclonal antibodies

Dr. Ardis does not appear to understand that the term “monoclonal antibody” refers to a process by which antibody-producing cells are fused with other cells that can live forever.  This produces a factory for growing antibodies.  You can make antibodies against almost anything, especially if you attach the right small molecule (a hapten) to what you want the antibody to bind to.  Just because you can make monoclonal antibodies to snake venom and make monoclonal antibodies to proteins in COVID does not imply there is any similarity whatsoever between snake venom and COVID.

I will stop now.  Dr. Ardis has taught us a lot about Remdesivir.  Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.  This snake venom stuff is hooey.

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Cindy Curtis
Cindy Curtis
7 months ago

Thanks for explaining this further

Mary Drew
Mary Drew
7 months ago

Thank you for clearing this up for us. Dr. Ardis said in Jan. the CDC has dictated the use of Remdesivir for ALL hospitalized cvd patients – including babies down to 6 months of age, He said all other therapeutics are forbidden to be used. Since Remdesivir is so damaging, why it still being used?

Jim Lauder
Jim Lauder
7 months ago
Reply to  Mary Drew

The whole idea is to kill people while making an exorbitant profit. Simple.

Mary Drew
Mary Drew
7 months ago

Also, I thought Dr. Ardis meant that the venom was used in the creation of the illness itself, not the drugs.

7 months ago

Dr. Ardis has done a much more comprehensive – and far more copiously referenced – interview with Mike Adams; 3 parts posted on Brighteon in the past 3-4 days. By contrast, the Stu Peters interview is just a cursory outline of bullet points of his information presentation. I’ll take Dr. Nass’ ‘conclusion of hooey’ with that very same grain of salt until I’ve seen her fully address the entire scope of information presented in the 3 part interview. Many more dots are connected there beyond one symptom & some labeling information. Just because he’s a chiropractic physician, doesn’t mean he’s not an astute & accomplished investigator.
In Dr. Nass’ “…Specious Arguments…” article, she writes: “… 3. These methods can result in biowarfare agents that lack the identifiable signature of a microbial agent constructed in a lab from known RNA or DNA sequences. In fact, it would be desirable to produce such agents, since it would be difficult to prove they were deliberately constructed in a lab. Here are just a few possibilities for how one might create new, virulent mutants:…”
In Dr. Ardis’ full presentation, he reveals, to a degree, the extent of pHARMa’s deployment of not just snake, but many *synthesized* animal venoms in pharmacologic preparations. One company, (headline:) “VenomTech” announces massive library of SNAKE VENOM peptides for pharmaceutical development; (additionally), “nanocarriers” stabilize snake venom in WATER (PubMed)”
Is it possible there could be a lot more to this story than those who think they’ve got it all figured out might want to acknowledge?

Dr. Nass’ license to practice Rockefeller medicine having been revoked is a badge of honor, imo, so it would be no great infraction-of-consequence to examine in depth, reveal & confirm or refute the finer points he makes from the published literature he presents – including the Spiritual warfare aspects. In fact, it frees her to do exactly that. I hope she chooses to make an actual investigation of her own in this direction.

chris b
chris b
7 months ago

how about we have proper investigation about the theories and vax including making the vax vials available to every scientist medico to study and test and access to all patients to study whilst in hospital and full autopsies after a death together with the safety data stats – and those studies should include people from both pro and anti vax points of view and as far as possible all involved and present at the same time. The ‘anti’ vax are willing but so far the pro vax are conspicuous by their cowardly absence. What are they/do they need to fear or hide.

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