We are being lied to again in order to extend the public health “emergency” on April 18

Renewal of public health emergency expected before April 16 deadline: 8 things to know

The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency is set to expire April 16. It is expected to be renewed for another 90 days by the Biden administration amid political pressure to end it. 

Here is what Becker’s says today, no doubt reading off a press release from CDC, in an attempt to provide reasons to continue the “emergency.”

But in fact the NY Times today does not corroborate this, see below.

COVID-19 cases up in 26 states, hospitalizations up in 10

Cases of COVID-19 have increased during the last 14 days in 26 states and Washington, D.C., and hospitalizations are ticking upward in 10 states. 

Nationwide, COVID-19 cases increased 10 percent over the past 14 days, according to HHS data collected by The New York Times. This marks an early change in direction after two months of sustained declines. As the more contagious omicron subvariant BA.2 makes up 72 percent of new cases in the U.S., infections are ticking upward in 26 states and D.C. as of April 12. 

Hospitalizations are down 17 percent nationwide over the past 14 day, with a daily average of 14,940 people hospitalized with COVID-19 as of April 12. Hospitalizations have ticked up in 10 states. Here are the 14-day changes for cases in each state reporting an increase, along with their daily average hospitalizations…

Interesting:  I tried 3 ways to upload the NY Times image, and the last attempt said “server refused.”  So I will just tell you what the NYT, using CDC data, says regarding how we are doing wrt COVID right now:

Cases up 10% in past 2 weeks.  Hospitalizations down 17% in last two weeks.  ICU beds down 26% in two weeks.  Deaths down 31% in two weeks.

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So over this
So over this
7 months ago

I had wondered why the fear quotient was being ratcheted up again. I live in one of the places where COVID is supposedly “surging”. You would have to read the news to know it, though, because you certainly wouldn’t know it from daily life in the community. But now that I know the emergency measures are about to expire, everything makes sense.

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