West African Money pox is supposed to be what the current western Moneypox came from.

So much for the scary death rates. Ignore mortality rates of 1%, 10% and all the other numbers plucked from thin air.  From Stat:

Pressed yesterday, a WHO official said she didn’t think the outbreak outside Africa would lead to a pandemic, Reuters reported.
“We don’t know but we don’t think so,” Rosamund Lewis said. “At the
moment, we are not concerned of a global pandemic.” The WHO said that 23
countries have reported 257 confirmed cases and roughly 120 suspected
cases — a rapid accumulation in an unprecedented outbreak first detected
earlier this month. Monkeypox is considered endemic in roughly 12
countries in West and Central Africa.

Nigeria, population 206 million, has experienced a money pox outbreak since 2017.  Nigeria reported the first death this year from money pox yesterday, the Associated Press says.

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