WHO. Dastardly difficult to get info on the IHRs and Treaty. But the members raised WHO’s budget about 30% and reelected Tedros.

Here is what the WHO put out today as news regarding the IHRs.  You can see that it is clear as mud.  I think the outrage and publicity has slowed the adoption of amendments down, which is very good.

Working group on international health regulations (IHR) amendments

welcomed the final report of the Working Group on strengthening WHO
preparedness and response to health emergencies which, among other
things, proposed a process for taking forward potential amendments to
the IHR (2005). They agreed to continue the group, with a revised
mandate and name (the “Working Group on IHR amendments” (WGIHR)) to work
exclusively on consideration of proposed IHR amendments. Member States
also requested the Director-General to convene an IHR Review Committee
to make technical recommendations on the proposed amendments that may be
submitted. The Working Group will propose a package of targeted
amendments for consideration by the Seventy-seventh Health Assembly.

Who are the top 20 contributors to WHO?


What did the WHA approve for a budgetary figure?


Tedros was reelected for a second 5 year term.  He was the only candidate.


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6 months ago

Heads Up!

1.) Robert F Kennedy Jr explains how Bill Gates controls the WHO, by giving 10% of all it's donations.
This information should make you think twice about the truthfulness of the information they put out.


2.) 'COVID vaccines may impair long-term immunity to the virus!'
Research suggests that vaccination against COVID via mRNA vaccines may reduce body's ability to produce key type of antibody.


Jennifer Walters
Jennifer Walters
6 months ago

Thank you Dr Nass

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